TOP EV Warmly Welcomes Important Indian Partner for Another Visit

Release Date : 2024-05-13
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On May 10th, an Indian customer came to visit TOP EV. The business director and team members were responsible for receiving the Indian customer who came from afar. This time, the Indian customer was planning to purchase large quantities of AITO M5 and Nissan Kizuna, etc., and the two sides discussed the specific supply details of the new order.

First of all, the sales staff led the customer to visit the company's office environment, and expressed their admiration and appreciation for the neat office environment and serious staff.
In the meeting room, we introduced our car showroom and the warehouse where the vehicles are stored, etc., and the customer expressed that he is always assured of our supply ability.

Indian customers put forward a lot of technical and parametric questions about the product, business staff one by one for the customer patience, detailed answers, and according to the customer's needs for the formulation of a very detailed procurement proposals, and finally we for the supply of products such as the way to work to maximize to meet the needs of customers.

Customers are very satisfied with the visit and our professional advice, expressed the hope that we continue to maintain long-term win-win cooperation.

As the first batch of Chinese auto export pilot enterprises. We have strong supply chain resources, which can provide customers with better quality and more favorable price of automobiles. Professional experience in automobile import and export service allows us not to make mistakes in all major links to avoid causing more losses to customers.
We provide long-term after-sales service as our long-term service dealers. We regularly invite them to China to socialize with us. In addition, we enjoy high priority in vehicle supply and warranty, and handle various after-sales issues for operators. We welcome you to come to China and do business with us.
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