Lantu receives credit from several banks

Release Date : 2023-06-27
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      Recently, VOYAH Auto announced that it has received credit of 15 billion RMB from various banks and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, CITIC Bank and China Merchants Bank on 13 June. On the same day, Lantou Auto also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Economic Development and Investment Group.
       The official said that this round of credit and strategic cooperation will better meet the capital needs of Arashiro's production and operation, provide assurance for Arashiro to further increase its investment in product development and marketing, enhance Arashiro's ability to resist risks during production and operation, and continuously improve its core competitiveness and brand value.

       At the signing ceremony, Mr. You Zheng, Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Company and Chairman of Arashiro Motors, said that this strategic cooperation is not only an important practice for Arashiro and its financial partners to work together to build automotive marketing innovation, but also a practical action to actively promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicle industry, marking a new chapter of cooperation between Arashiro and its financial partners, which will further help Arashiro's innovation breakthrough and bring a broader circle-breaking effect It will provide stable resources for Arashiro's business development.
  It is understood that in November last year, Arashiuto announced the completion of the signing and delivery of the A-round war-intensive financing agreement: nearly 5 billion RMB in financing, with 10 investors in total. The market valuation after the financing was nearly 30 billion yuan. After the Series A financing, Dongfeng Group holds 78.88%, Series A investors hold 12.37% and Arashiro's employee shareholding platform holds 8.75%.
      In the past three years since its establishment, Arashiro has completed the layout of three products, namely Arashiro FREE, Arashiro Dream Home and Arashiro Light Catcher. As of April 30, Arashiro has opened 202 shops nationwide, including Arashiro Space, Arashiro Flagship Store and Arashiro Delivery Service Centre. In April this year, Arashiro announced the delivery of 3,339 new vehicles, up 210% year-on-year and 10% year-on-year.
     VOYAH, CEO of Arashiuto, said that Arashiuto will further increase investment in product development and marketing, accelerate the transformation of technology on the ground, launch more extreme products and walk solidly on the new track of new energy vehicles.

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