Cumulative deliveries of Li Auto's Li L7 surpasses 50,000 units

Release Date : 2023-07-21
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 On July 20, Chinese new energy vehicle startup Li Auto announced that deliveries of its Li L7 model has 50,000 units so far, with an average monthly delivery volume consistently exceeding 10,000 units since its first complete delivery month.

As of July 15, the cumulative delivery volume of Li Auto's L-series models has exceeded 200,000 units.

Just recently, during the Li Auto Family Tech Day event on June 17, Li Auto announced the production milestone of its 400,000th vehicle. Prior to this milestone, Li Auto saw its 100,000th vehicle roll off line in October 2021, followed by the 200,000th vehicle in August 2022.

Based on Li Auto's latest data as of July 16, the company’s cumulative deliveries for July have already reached 16,900 units.

Following the release of these delivery figures, Li Auto's Chairman and CEO, Li Xiang, stated, "Starting last week, the production capacity of our Changzhou plant reached 8,000 vehicles per week for the first time. From this week onwards, the continuous delivery volume is expected to stabilize at 8,000 vehicles per week, producing and delivering as many vehicles as possible. Our important challenge for this month is to achieve over 20,000 units of deliveries for the six-seater Li L8 and Li L9, while the five-seater Li L7 will aim for a new record high in deliveries."

Notably, Li Auto delivered 32,575 vehicles in June, representing a year-on-year soar of 150.1%. Among which, deliveries of the Li L7 accounted for 13,107 units, making up 40.24% of Li Auto's overall deliveries and becoming the best-selling model for the company. 

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