2024 NETA S hits market, starting at 159,800 yuan

Release Date : 2023-07-24
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NETA Auto, the new energy vehicle brand under HOZON Auto, put the annual refreshed version of the NETA S, the 2024 NETA S, onto the market on July 20. Coming with six trim levels, the new model features a prices range from 159,800 to 269,800 yuan.

The 2024 NETA S showcases several significant changes compared to its predecessor. First, it introduces a new version with 200-km pure electric range, which has contributed to lowering the price of the extended-range model. In addition, there have been optimizations to the configurations, such as the co-pilot screen, ambient lighting, and double-layered glass for all four doors, which were previously shown in higher-priced trims. Moreover, NETA Auto has introduced four new add-on packages for the 2024 NETA S: the Performance Pack featuring Michelin PS4 high-performance tires, the Technology Pack with AR head-up display, the Comfort Pack boasting suede seats, massage functions, rear seat sleeping headrests, surround sound, and suede interior, and finally, the Cool Selection Pack with gull-wing doors and carbon fiber rear spoilers.

Furthermore, the refreshed version is equipped with the advanced NETA PILOT 2.5 intelligent driving assistance system. It has also seen improvements in functionalities like custom wake words for voice control and no interference between the co-pilot screen and the main screen, with future OTA upgrades in the pipeline.

Regarding its exterior, the 2024 NETA S maintains the design of the previous model, showcasing a sleek coupe-style body design. The front headlights adopt a separate design, featuring elongated and sharp daytime running lights placed below the main headlights, creating a distinctive triangular appearance.

On the sides, the car features a dynamic waistline, while the rear part tapers towards the center, highlighting a sporty sloping design.

The taillights, which run across the car's width, add to its distinct identity.

As for its dimensions, the 2024 NETA S measures 4,980mm in length, 1,980mm in width, and 1,450mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,980mm.

Stepping inside, the interior maintains a minimalist design, but with no compromise on material quality, featuring wood-grain trims, piano lacquer, and leather decorations. The new car is equipped with a 17.6-inch ultra-thin 2.5K central control screen, a 12.3-inch co-pilot entertainment screen, head-up display, facial recognition, and a 12-speaker surround sound system, catering to passengers' driving and entertainment needs. Comfort-wise, the vehicle comes equipped with a 1.9-square-meter panoramic insulating sunroof, wireless charging for mobile phones, and executive-level seats with heating and memory functions.

Powering the 2024 NETA S is the high-performance Snapdragon 8155 chip from Qualcomm. In terms of intelligent driving, the new model features the advanced NETA PILOT 2.5 intelligent driving assistance system, equipped with two Horizon Robotics’ Journey 3 chips, five millimeter-wave radars, twelve ultrasonic radars, and five high-performance cameras, enabling 360-degree perception coverage. The car comes with various features such as forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, intelligent cruise control, lane-keeping assist, automatic parking assist, one-key remote parking, and return assistance.

Under the hood, the 2024 NETA S offers both pure electric variants and extended-range variants. The all-electric trims come in both rear-mounted single-motor and all-wheel-drive dual-motor options, with total motor power of 170 kW and 340 kW, and peak torque of 310 N·m and 620 N·m, respectively. The CLTC driving range for the two options is 715 km and 650 km.

As for the extended-range variants, they boast a maximum power of up to 170 kW and a peak torque of up to 310 N·m, with a WLTC combined range as high as 1,160 km.

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