Geely’s 10,000th unit of Galaxy L7 rolls off line

Release Date : 2023-07-07
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On July 3, the 10,000th unit of Geely's Galaxy L7, the inaugural product of the Galaxy series, rolled off the production line at the factory in Baoji city, Shaanxi province, only 33 days after the model hit the market, according to Geely Auto’s press release.

Up until now, the pre-orders for the Galaxy L7 have exceeded 1,000 units.

The Galaxy L7 went on sale on May 31, offering five variants priced from 138,700 yuan to 173,700 yuan. The model is positioned as a compact SUV, equipped with a 10.25-inch dashboard, 13.2-inch central control screen, 16.2-inch co-driver screen, and a 25.6-inch AR HUD. The vehicle carries Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips, supporting full-scene visibility, four audio zone recognition, and deep continuous dialogue.

Based on the e-CMA architecture, the Galaxy L7 debuts with three major intelligent electric technologies, namely, the Aegis battery safety system, the NordThor dedicated hybrid engine (NordThor 8848), and the all-new Galaxy N OS.

As a PHEV model, the Galaxy L7 is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers a maximum power of 163 hp. It is paired with the next-generation NordThor 3DHT variable frequency electric drive system. The vehicle can achieve a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 6.9 seconds, and has a combined range of 1,370 kilometers under CLTC test conditions.

Following the launch of the Galaxy L7, Geely has introduced a new retail system exclusively for the Galaxy series.

In early June this year, Geely Galaxy announced the official opening of its first batch of 225 sales stores.

According to the plan, Geely Galaxy will continue to expand its channels, expecting to have a channel scale of 650-700 exclusive stores nationwide by the end of the year.

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