Chery Auto's 2023 OMODA 5 facelift hits market

Release Date : 2023-07-07
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Chery Auto officially launched the 2023 facelift of the OMODA 5, a global-oriented model, on June 15. 

The new vehicle lineup consists of four different variants, with prices ranging from 79,900 yuan to 107,900 yuan. Positioned as a compact SUV, it offers two powertrain options, a 1.5T engine paired with a CVT transmission and a 1.6T engine paired with a 7-speed DCT transmission.

In terms of exterior design, the new OMODA 5 showcases a distinct departure from Chery's current family design language, presenting a unique and futuristic aesthetic. The front fascia features a large inverted trapezoidal grille with a gradient array of quadrilateral textures. The headlight assembly adopts a split design, with sharp and slender LED daytime running lights positioned above and connected by a chrome strip in the center.

The compact profile of the vehicle is complemented by a sloping roofline and a floating roof design, exuding a sense of sportiness. With dimensions measuring 4,400mm in length, 1,830mm in width, 1,585mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2,630mm, the 2023 OMODA 5 offers a well-proportioned exterior.

Inside, the interior design emphasizes a sense of fashion and technology. The dual-screen layout adds a strong technological touch, while a row of physical buttons is placed below the air conditioning vents, combining a minimalist appearance with practical functionality on the center console.

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