14 optimisations Fifth Alfa S Advance OTA update

Release Date : 2023-07-03
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     On July 3, the fifth OTA update was pushed out to owners nationwide. This OTA unlocked the new AVP valet parking assistance function for the first time and optimized 14 smart driving functions.

      Specifically, Polar Fox Alfa S Advance opens up a new important feature in the fifth OTA - AVP Valet Parking Assist. This feature relies on fused sensing capabilities to build and memorise the car park environment in real time, without any end-of-site equipment, relying entirely on the body's own sensors to achieve this.
  The first time the user drives the vehicle into a parking space and collects the record, the system will automatically build a model of the car park without sensing, and the second time they drive into the car park they can use AVP, drive from the car park entrance to the pre-selected space and turn on the valet parking assistance function. If the target parking space is occupied, it can also take the initiative to select an empty parking space in the surrounding area, greatly enhancing the application scenario.

      In addition, in the fifth OTA upgrade, Polaris Alpha S Advance has optimized as many as 14 intelligent driving functions, including pedestrian and bicycle avoidance, coping with vehicle congestion on congested roads and merging into and out of ramps, etc. The vehicle is smarter in its judgement and more decisive in its operation, and its ability to operate intelligently on urban roads has been significantly improved, providing users with a more efficient and comfortable intelligent driving experience.

In this OTA update, Alfa S Advance has added the ability to avoid pedestrians and cyclists on the road. When encountering pedestrians or non-motorised vehicles occupying the road, it can intelligently plan the route and avoid following slowly all the time, saving users' travel time and improving the efficiency of road traffic.

        For turnaround scenarios that often require human takeover of the vehicle during Smart Driving, the OTA upgraded Alpha S Advance is able to support smaller radius turnarounds and covers more turnaround scenarios, reducing the frequency of manual intervention operations.
   It is worth noting that compared to the smooth ring road, the current urban advanced smart driver often loses in the game with other vehicles in congested road conditions. Alpha S Advance has focused on optimising this aspect in the fifth OTA update, adjusting the following time distance, closer following stopping distance in 1st gear, and enhancing the gaming strategy to improve accessibility. For example, when merging in and out of ramps during rush hour, vehicles can merge with less space in front of and behind them and use the creep function to play with other vehicles to increase their space. The Alfa S Advance is also closer to that of a veteran driver in terms of keeping up with the rhythm of the car in front of it and reducing the number of jams.
  In addition, the OTA upgrade also further enhances the vehicle's 'judgement' capability. When encountering non-congestion scenarios such as oncoming traffic in the opposite direction pressing the line or vehicles in the side lane pressing the line, it can read the driving intentions of the other driver like a veteran driver and give appropriate feedback, providing an experience closer to that of a "human driver".

      The Alfa S Advance's human-machine interaction experience has also been continuously optimised in the fifth OTA update, with the addition of a wake-up function when the accelerator pedal is mistakenly pressed during smart parking and a 'Lane Change Preference' option. In particular, a new function has been added to seamlessly re-route the car after adding a charging station along the way in NCA, without having to exit NCA in the middle of the journey, which greatly improves the continuity of the user experience.
  With a price tag of RMB 329,800, after Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the NCA function will be available in Hangzhou, Chongqing and Beijing.
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