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Release Date : 2023-05-29
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In September last year, at the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference in Hangzhou, BYD's energy storage department said that the company's new cube energy storage system products based on blade batteries will be available at home and abroad in 2023.
According to BYD on May 24, the latest BYD cube energy storage system products are equipped with blade batteries that have passed the "pinprick experiment", using CTS (cell-to-system integration) technology, "no module, no PACK, directly integrated into the system, which can reduce about 36% of the parts number of parts, improves space utilization by about 98% and increases structural strength by about 30%." At the same time, it can be flexibly combined for applications such as industrial and commercial energy storage and power station-level energy storage.
BYD's grid-level Cube energy storage system is due for release in 2020. In this energy storage system, BYD has applied the CTP (module-less battery pack) design concept for power batteries, eliminating the battery module level and thus bringing volume level optimisation. since its release in 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of the Cube energy storage system has exceeded 3GWh worldwide.
As we all know, the Blade Battery is BYD's ace product for electric vehicles, also released in 2020. The so-called blade battery refers to a lithium-ion battery cell with a thin, flat shape like a blade (e.g. typical size 13.5mm*90mm*960mm) and an internal stacking process where the cells are integrated directly into the bottom of the battery pack, eliminating the module structure. The cells of the blade battery use lithium iron phosphate technology, which is more cost effective than the mainstream ternary lithium battery route at the time.
In terms of battery safety, the blade battery design also enables the battery to generate less heat and dissipate heat faster in the event of a short circuit. The person in charge of BYD's energy storage said, based on the excellent performance of the blade battery in new energy vehicles, the performance and safety of the new energy storage system products will be greatly improved.
According to Zhou Guishu, director of Shanghai Development Center of Shenzhen Fudi Battery Co., Ltd, the blade battery has been widely used in BYD Han EV, Dolphin, Qin, Tang, Song and other full-brand multi-series models.
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