How many cars are supplied to Russia through parallel imports The number of cars imported to Russia now exceeds the number imported last year

Release Date : 2023-07-24
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The Bank of Russia has announced the number of cars supplied by parallel imports. According to the July report of the Central Bank of Russia, cars imported from abroad in the form of parallel imports accounted for only 10 per cent of the total number of car deliveries. These were mainly small orders for premium models. One automotive market participant noted that "grey" cars account for a negligible share of the sales structure due to difficulties in the supply of spare parts and the lack of a full factory warranty.

Meanwhile, Central Bank documents show that this year's car imports greatly exceeded the results for 2022. This is mainly due to an increase in the supply of cars from China - China accounts for 70 per cent of total imports. At the same time, until 2022, Russia imports cars mainly from Japan and Europe.
"The significant growth in car imports is constrained by logistical constraints - high levels of congestion on railways and at ports, domestic buyers' caution towards Chinese brands, and the high prices of newly imported cars," the Bank of Russia report said.
Earlier, Avtostat published the ratings of the most popular car brands under parallel import. As a result, BMW tops the list as of winter 2023, with Hyundai and Volkswagen rounding out the top three.


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