2024 Haval Big Dog SUV goes on sale, starting at 123,900 yuan

Release Date : 2023-07-27
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On July 25, the 2024 Haval Big Dog, a refreshed model under Great Wall Motor (“GWM”)’s Haval brand, officially hit the market with prices ranging from 123,900 to 149,900 yuan.

In terms of exterior design, as an annual facelift model, the new Big Dog received subtle adjustments to the front and rear. The new vehicle now incorporates extensive silver decorations, with the size of the square grille increased, and the silver trim inside the grille thickened. A brand-new "HAVAL" emblem is embedded in the upper trim, while the lower trim undergoes hollow processing, resulting in a rugged appearance at first glance. The round headlights on both sides have been retained, maintaining the overall retro tough off-road style.

On the vehicle's side, the square-shaped design has been retained, with black fender flares complementing the upward lines, giving it a powerful sense of presence. The new Big Dog is equipped with five-spoke wheels, further enhancing its tough attributes.

In terms of dimensions, the new model measures 4,620/1,890/1,780mm in length, width, and height, with a wheelbase of 2,738mm.

The rear design maintains the overall style of its predecessor, while adopting through-the-round taillights and a new font style for the "HAVAL" letter logo. The rear bumper design remains wild, with the silver underguard adding a sense of combativeness.

Inside the cabin, the interior remains largely unchanged from the existing model, featuring a fully digital instrument cluster, an embedded multimedia display, and a knob-style electronic gear shifter, elevating the interior's technological appeal.

Regarding power, the 2024 Haval Big Dog carries the new 2.0T engine, with power parameters further enhanced to 175 kW of maximum power and 385 N·m of peak torque. The transmission system has been upgraded to a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission for the 2.0T trim, while the 1.5T variant continues to be paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Additionally, the new model comes equipped with 8 driving modes, including economy, standard, sports, mud, sand, snow, grass/gravel, and bumpy road modes.

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