Tokyo Motor Show 2023: Subaru LEVORG Layback

Release Date : 2023-10-25
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At the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, the Subaru LEVORG Layback was officially launched. This car can be regarded as a crossover version of the Subaru LEVORG station wagon, positioned between the Subaru CROSSTREK and OUTBACK. It is reported that the car is currently only launched in the domestic market of Japan and has no plans to launch it overseas.

The new car is an upgrade based on the second-generation Subaru LEVORG. It has undergone major changes to the front face, with a larger grille and a scale-like interior decoration. The headlight shape still retains Subaru's iconic design, which is very recognizable. The fog lamp areas on both sides will be equipped with air intakes, and the lower surround will also adopt a more sporty crossover style.

From the side, the new car adds off-road kits for the wheel eyebrows and side skirts. You can refer to the difference between the Outback and the Legacy. At the same time, the new car will use 18-inch alloy wheels with 225/55 R18 all-season tires, and the ground clearance will also be increased to 200mm. In addition, the new car also offers 6 first-release color options. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Subaru LEVORG Layback are 4770/1820/1570mm respectively.
At the rear of the car, the overall shape of the new car is full of sportiness, and it also continues Subaru’s family-style styling language. A total of two exhaust outlets on both sides and a small spoiler extending from the rear add more performance elements to the vehicle. In addition, we also saw a series of optional body kits on Subaru's official website, including "city style" and "STI style" styles. Kits of different colors and materials are available to replace the plastic parts on the regular version, including rear spoilers, surrounds, air intake grilles, and exhaust tailpipe shapes.
From the inside perspective, we can see that the new car will use dual-color seats with gold stitching, and will be available in fabric and leather materials. The configuration also uses Subaru’s EyeSight driving assistance system and is equipped with a wide-angle camera. In terms of specific configuration, the new car will be equipped with Harman Kardon audio and an 11.6-inch central control screen. It can also remotely control the air conditioner through a smartphone application and pre-regulate the interior temperature.

In terms of power, the Subaru LEVORG Layback is equipped with two power systems: a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine and a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine, with maximum powers of 174 horsepower and 256 horsepower respectively. In terms of transmission, it will be matched with a CVT gearbox that can simulate an 8-speed, and a four-wheel drive system will be provided as an option.
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