BYD Song L will be launched on December 15

Release Date : 2023-11-20
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BYD's new mid-size SUV - Song L will be launched on December 15. The new car has been pre-sold before, with the pre-sale price being 220,000-280,000 yuan. The car is built on e-platform 3.0 and will be equipped with CTB battery-body integration technology, intelligent electric four-wheel drive, DiPilot intelligent driving assistance, Yunnan C system, etc.
The overall shape of the new car is more refined, the front face is full of sporty and powerful, the front grille next to the two dragon teeth design highlights the dominance of the "dragon's whiskers" like chrome strips from the headlights connected to the centre mesh, with the flow of light and shadow, creating a good visual effect.
The side of the body has a low-slung stance, and the downward sloping roofline makes the rear part of the car look very compact. The side of the body is outlined by a number of waistlines, enhancing the car's sense of power. The tail lamps adopt the design of streaming Rui Jie, and will also be equipped with a liftable rear spoiler. The Song L measures 4840/1950/1560mm and has a wheelbase of 2930mm, which is larger than the Song PLUS and Song Pro, which are also called the Song, and about the same size as the Tang.
As for the interior, the colour scheme of the entire interior has a stronger sense of unity this time, and the use of colours has a more premium feel, with the new car also equipped with a wrap-around ambient lighting strip. The interior design is also relatively simple, no longer too much cumbersome design, more like a model for the international market. Inside the car uses a lot of materials that reflect a sense of sport, with a strong visual impact, while the new car also introduced a frameless door, and so on.
Inside the car 10.25-inch full LCD dashboard size is not small, at the same time, 15.6-inch central control screen is still BYD's classic shape, the new car also added 50-inch AR-HUD. new car is equipped with DiLink intelligent network system, based on Snapdragon processor, and Qualcomm joint, in-depth customization to support the 5G car cockpit platform, 12 HiFi level custom Danner audio, active fragrance system, scene mode for users to sink into the car. system, scene mode for users to bring immersive cockpit experience.
  In terms of power, according to previous information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), it will offer single-motor as well as dual-motor versions, with the four-wheel-drive version equipped with front and rear motors, with a maximum power of 150/230/380kW, and the single-motor version of the motor with a maximum power of 230kW.According to the catalogue of exemptions from the purchase tax, its CLTC working condition pure electric range is 550km, 602km and 662km.The new car is equipped with a cloud-victorium C system that boasts milliseconds of damping adjustment speed, combining comfort and handling. The new car is also equipped with BYD DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system, which can cover most of the use scenarios, with more than 30 auxiliary functions, such as high-speed assistance, intelligent navigation, automatic parking, fatigue monitoring reminder, etc., which greatly improves driving safety.
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