New design language Zeekr MIX will be available in the second half of this year

Release Date : 2024-04-29
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   On April 29, we learned from the official that ZEEKR MIX, a medium-sized MPV under the ZEEKR brand, will be launched in the second half of this year. The new car has been unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show. As zeekr's fifth model, it continues zeekr's latest design language, is equipped with STARGATE integrated smart light curtain, and adopts a new door opening method.
In terms of appearance, the car adopts the Hidden Energy minimalist appearance design language used by zeekr 007. The front face lines are rounded, and the headlights adopt a slender shape, which is full of technology. At the same time, the large black air intake below it also enriches the visual layering of this car.
On the side of the body, zeekr MIX adopts a "big bread" body structure, which means that it will have considerable interior space. The driver's side of the car uses a traditional front door + side sliding rear door, while the passenger side is expected to use a split side sliding door. The rear design of zeekr MIX is very simple, with a through-type light strip located at the lower part of the rear windshield, and the two are integrated together. At the same time, the black rear surround shape and color match the front of the car.
In the interior, armrests are also designed on the left and right sides of the front seats of the vehicle. Therefore, the left and right aisles in the front row are clear and can be passed through. The new car still adopts the design of Huabao. The rear row of the vehicle is designed with three seats, but the two left and right seats are also designed with leg rests, providing a very comfortable riding space. Since the right side of the vehicle adopts a split sliding door design, it is very convenient to get in and out of the rear row of the vehicle, and the passenger seat backrest can also be moved forward.
The body length, width and height are 4688/1995/1755mm respectively, but the wheelbase reaches 3008mm. In terms of power, according to previous declaration information, zeekr MIX will be equipped with a motor model TZ235XYC01 with a maximum power of 310kW. Currently, two versions have been declared, with curb weights of 2739kg and 2639kg respectively. Both are equipped with CATL ternary lithium batteries, and the battery capacities are estimated to be different.
Questions and answers about Haohan-M architecture and zeekr MIX
Is the car on display at the Beijing Auto Show in mass production status?

The debut of Jikrypton MIX at the Beijing Auto Show is the first real car appearance. The display car at the Beijing Auto Show is not yet in its final mass production state. The mass production state is definitely better than the current state. MIX is the first full-scenario five-seat model product based on the Haohan-M architecture for family users and is still being refined. The SKU, configuration, interior details, performance, intelligence and other capabilities that were not disclosed at the Beijing Auto Show will continue to be optimized based on the positioning of a large five-seater in all family scenarios and the needs of future family travel.

What are the characteristics of Haohan-M architecture?
zeekr Haohan-M architecture is a pure electric architecture specially built for future intelligent travel. It is an innovative form of Haohan architecture for the era of high-end intelligence.The Vast-M architecture has a total investment of 7 billion yuan. On the basis of inheriting the high standards of safety, handling and reliability of the vast architecture, it will subvert the form of electric vehicles and reconstruct the future travel space.
The core highlight of the Haohan-M architecture The core highlight of the Haohan-M architecture is that it has achieved three unprecedented industry subversions from a forward-looking perspective of future travel.
1) Subverting space efficiency: Achieving a cabin space utilization rate of over 80%, ranking first among mid-sized passenger car products in the world.
2) Subvert the entry and exit experience: The industry's first through-type electric double-door door to achieve mass production, making entry and exit more convenient than ever.
3) Subvert cockpit scenes: The world’s largest number of cockpit scene modes can be continuously evolved and upgraded through OTA.
What are the spatial advantages of zeekr MIX?
The design of zeekr MIX breaks through the limitations of MPV and SUV body shapes. By rearranging the air conditioning, suspension, and thermal management systems, and using smaller but more efficient motors, it saves space in all parts of the vehicle. Maximizing release to the cockpit, the body length of the A-class car was finally achieved at 4688mm and the wheelbase of the D-class car was 3008mm, achieving an axle length ratio of 64% and a cabin space utilization rate of over 80%, which is the highest among medium-sized passenger cars in the world. level.
How to ensure the safety of MIX’s hidden double B-pillars?
MIX does not have no B-pillars, but uses hidden double B-pillars, which combines practicality and safety.
In terms of practicality, the hidden double B-pillar double door design achieves a large opening space of nearly 1.5m, making it easy for everyone to enter and exit. In terms of safety, the hidden B-pillar on one side of the MIX door is composed of two ultra-high-strength steel pillars with a diameter of about 70mm. In terms of strength, it uses 2000 MPa ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel, reaching submarine-level strength! In terms of technology, it uses thermal expansion integrated molding technology, without any gaps from the inside to the outside. This kind of structure and material design is the first in the world. !The material strength of just one steel column can bear a load of 20 tons, far exceeding the traditional B-pillar! It will be a safer B-pillar design!
The Beijing Auto Show showed a four-person sitting mode. Are there any other modes?
At the Beijing Auto Show, in addition to the mobile living room gathering mode that everyone saw when the front seats were rotated 180° and a table was placed to play cards and eat hot pot, we also designed a baby mode specifically for the children at home. After the seat is pushed to its farthest stroke, a 1.65m long, 0.9m wide, and nearly 1.5m² play space will be formed in the center of the cockpit. If you park your car when traveling with your baby, this space becomes a mobile children's room. At the same time, we have also designed a very interesting viewing mode. The driver's or passenger's seat can be rotated 90° outwards. Find an open space and open MIX's exclusive through-type electric double doors. You will have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery outside the window. MIX will become yours in seconds. Mobile balcony! MIX has many scene modes like this. Whether it is urban commuting, holiday camping, outdoor fishing, or gatherings with friends, MIX will transform into your full-scenario mobile space.
What is the difference between the MIX double-door design and the ordinary door opening method?​​​​​​​
MIX's pair of doors is the industry's first through-type electric pair of doors.This brand new way of opening the door, combined with the hidden double B-pillar design, enables MIX to provide a huge door opening size with a horizontal width close to 1.5m, and with a flat floor height of only 390mm, MIX will provide every family member with a super friendly space to get on and off, whether it is children, pregnant women or the elderly at home. It is extremely convenient to get in and out of the CAR.
Rotatable seats have been seen on some previous models. What are the features of MIX’s rotatable seats?​​​​​​​
MIX is the world's first mass-produced car that supports electric rotation of both the driver's and passenger's seats! The front seats can achieve 180° electric rotation with one button and support up to 270° electric rotation, and
Can be folded with one click.
In addition to the large rotation angle of the seat itself, the front and rear seats of MIX share a slide rail. On the slide rail with a length of nearly 2m, the sliding stroke of the front row can reach 800mm and the sliding stroke of the rear row can reach 490mm. How do you want to slide it? Just slide and turn however you want.
At the same time, in order to ensure the personal safety of the vehicle occupants, the seat rotation function of MIX will be disabled during driving to avoid safety hazards caused by user misuse.
I saw the cat-and-mouse light language theme of the show car, which is very interesting. Will there be more interesting light language functions in mass production?​​​​​​​
At this auto show, MIX displayed more than 30 lantern themes, including not only the fun cat catching mouse, but also the Chinese dragon theme with Chinese characteristics. The new STARGATE integrated smart light screen equipped with MIX combines intelligent interaction and practical functions, allowing the lighting design and body functions to be perfectly integrated. The size of the light strip reaches 95 inches. The entire car has more than 2,400 LED lamp beads and more than 30 kinds of lighting effects: the screen refresh rate reaches 30 frames/second and the industry’s highest brightness of 12,000 nits, bringing an unparalleled silky visual experience. . After its launch, MIX will bring you a very rich selection of lantern themes, and more interesting and fun lantern themes will be continuously updated through OTA.
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