Have a baby to understand the gold content of this moment, Beijing Auto Show to see Zeekr MIX

Release Date : 2024-05-07
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On the exterior level, it's hard to imagine that this is an SUV, and its overall styling design is really too easy to be taken as an MPV.The front face of the Zeekr MIX still adopts the closed design that is common in pure electric vehicles, and it is equipped with the STARGATE one-piece intelligent light curtain, so the playfulness is there.

The most stunning part of the Zeekr MIX is still the side, in addition to the overall lines that are more like an MPV, it also adopts the design of electric folio side sliding door. The moment you open the door, whose DNA do you think moved? At least mine moved. Especially since the front seats can swivel backward and there is a removable center island in front of the rear seats, which is perfect for camping and transporting kids. If other MPVs let kids watch TV in the back, the Extreme Krypton MIX gives them a place to do their homework.

As for the configuration and other aspects, Zeekr MIX is currently not in final production status, and many things are unknown, but according to the usual practice of Extreme Krypton, the actual production model should be stacked with all the existing technology of Extreme Krypton, so there is no need to worry about the configuration at all.

Power, from the currently known news, Zeekr MIX is likely to have two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive two drive forms, coupled with extreme Krypton in the field of new energy vehicles in the deep plowing, the performance level is also completely do not have to worry about.

See here, many partners may have felt that this SUV can be considered the existence of closed eyes into, but everything has two sides, the car is also the same. The following are some of the places that you need to pay extra attention to, especially some non-Extreme Kryptonite MIX not to buy partners, you can refer to discretion.

The first thing is the space problem, don't see called baby bus, but this new car's length, width and height were 4688/1995/1755 millimeters, the size of some medium-sized SUVs, but can't be compared with many large-sized MPVs, so this car is not suitable for 7 mouths, generally only suitable for three mouths or four mouths of the family.
Secondly, the safety, personalized design has sacrificed the B-pillar feeling, which also makes many consumers confused, whether the car is safe. To be honest, I don't think the safety of this baby bus is too much of a concern, whether it's as a family walker or a camper. If there was no foolproof plan, Kryptonite wouldn't have adopted this design, after all, the advantages and disadvantages of this design are very obvious.
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