The new Accord, which is younger, has active noise cancellation + front acoustic glass in the Comfort trim!

Release Date : 2024-05-08
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The latest generation of the Accord is well aware of who the main consumer group is today. The shape is sporty, with a distinctly flattened element to the face, with a hexagonal design for the upper front grille, punctuated by horizontal trim strips at the very top, and combined with headlamps on both sides. The light clusters also use a flattened program, the uppermost is the daytime running lights, the bottom is the LED high and low beams, we are not shooting the high end of the function, with automatic headlights, height adjustment and delayed shutdown.

From the side to see, with the sliding back type roof, the lines are relatively smooth, the waistline bulge is more obvious, do not have to worry about the lack of muscularity, it is the bottom of the wheel modeling is relatively plain, the size of the 17-inch. And from the vehicle size, length, width and height in 4980 x 1862 x 1449 mm, body wheelbase in 2830 mm, the whole vehicle weight control in 1.5 tons or less.

Tail and front echo, are flat design, through the tail lamps are quite durable, in the center you can see the classic family logo, above the tail with curved elements, the bottom will be plainer, exhaust holes for hidden treatment, with a black guard.

Entering the interior of the all-new Accord, you'll feel much more stylish, and my favorite part is the air conditioning vents, which feature a honeycomb design that brings a certain freshness. The two screens in the car do not use a through design, the center screen will be larger in size, at 12.3 inches, in addition to the car network, but also is to provide cell phone connectivity for users to choose, while the full LCD instrument screen is at 10.2 inches. The steering wheel is large, but the model under review is made of plastic, so the feel above can only be described as moderate.

Space is the focus of user attention, my own height is in 1 meter 8, sitting in the passenger seat is particularly comfortable, head no pressure, legs can easily straighten. While keeping the passenger seat unchanged, into the back row, legroom is in a fist and a half, of course, if the passenger seat is adjusted to the most forward state, legroom will properly more than two fists.

In terms of power, the vehicle is paired with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, engine compression ratio of 10.6:1, maximum power at 141kW, maximum torque at 260N-m, daily add 92 gasoline on the line. After getting started, the steering is relatively silky, basically there is no false position, there is no delay in the first part of the acceleration, basically can be done on demand, and when accelerating sharply, the stutter is very slight, and on the highway, the power reserve will be slightly reduced, after all, it is only paired with a 1.5T turbocharged engine. And from the point of view of fuel consumption, everyone's driving habits are different, my own test is not the morning and evening rush hour, there is no traffic jam, in the city road, can be controlled in the 100 kilometers of fuel consumption below 7L.
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