Jetour X90 PRO is a powerful and good looking vehicle with more space for seven seats

Release Date : 2024-05-09
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Chery Automobile gives people the feeling that the image of science and technology, has been plowing technology independent research and development, but also adhere to the “car is a car, the first engine and chassis to do well” concept, in the appearance of the vehicle, marketing, etc. and did not spend a lot of energy like other car companies, but also therefore subject to criticism by some netizens, but this time the Chery Automobile has finally changed, the new! Listed Jetour X90PRO, the appearance of the domineering good-looking, the aura does not lose the Red Flag HS5, can be said to be the highest value of Chery SUV, the following author will take you to take a look at this new SUV, in the end, what is the charm?

The appearance is domineering, the interior is luxurious and healthy and environmentally friendly
Jetour X90PRO is a bit like the Shanhai L9 sister model, the front face is a large U-shaped center mesh, it looks very luxurious and atmospheric, coupled with a straight waterfall grille design, with both sides of the LED matrix headlamps, the whole car aura feels particularly powerful.

Front hood under the penetrating LED light belt, plus U-shaped center grid around the LED light belt, in the night recognition is very high, and the rear of the car is also used before and after the echo of the penetrating taillights, very symmetrical.

Interior, Jetour X90 still uses original design, horizontal embracing cockpit design, not only more comfortable ride, and space is more reasonable and better looking, through the center control, and does not use a dual screen, but embedded full LCD dashboard plus floating center control screen, looks good really.NAPPA leather seats, inlaid with suede, soft and comfortable, and also in the details are very well, such as the passenger side of the seat. Added a four-way boss seat adjustment button.

Of course, now the domestic car on the interior of this piece are doing well, but Jetour X90PRO is in the luxury on the sublimation, the main family travel, health first, 118 kinds of healthy materials to build the whole car, including water-based fabrics, clean sponge, environmental protection particles, etc., coupled with the CN95 high-efficiency cartridge, negative ions generator, etc., so that the Jetour X90PRO instantly become a second home.

Powerful and comfortable to drive
Jetour X90PRO has a total of two sets of power, equipped with Chery 1.6T and 2.0T Kunpeng power, of which the 2.0T Kunpeng power reaches a maximum horsepower of 254Ps and a torque of 390N.m, which is second only to BMW's 2.0T high-power engine, with strong power and even lower fuel consumption, with a fuel consumption of 8.1L per 100 kilometers, which makes the family travel costs even lower.

Of course Chery this set of power is really strong, which is also recognized by many people, but many people may not know is that the Jetour X90PRO tuning is also the first tier on the market at present, in the driving, the whole chassis is very stable, the handling is very comfortable, and damping piece, in the early part of the soft, can filter the small bumps, so that the car is more comfortable, reducing the feeling of bumps, and the rear section is strong, in the turn and speed up The rear section is strong, which provides enough support when cornering and speeding, making the car more confident to drive.

And with the linear power steering system, it is very light at low speeds, and calm and safe at high speeds. In terms of braking, the 100km braking distance is only 38.4M, which is the best in its class.

More space, suitable for family car and self-driving trip
Jetour X90PRO has five-seat and seven-seat options, thanks to the Jetour X90PRO body dimensions of length, width and height of 4858x1925x1780mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2850mm, so the seven-seat space experience is better than BYD Tang dmi.

I'm 1.71 meters tall, the driver's seat is adjusted to the most comfortable position, the knee and steering column has a distance of one fist, the head space has two fists, in such a position, the second row of seats I also adjusted to have a fist of the knee distance, the head has a fist of space, at this time, Jetour X90 the third row, the author sits in, the knee space is still a fist of the distance, and the head has a fist of the distance, and the head has a fist of the distance. The overall feeling of ample space, not oppressive.

Of course, because the third row of seats is shorter, the leg space will be overhanging, and the comfort is not enough, but the space is enough, especially suitable for family cars and self-driving tours.

Final Summary
Jetour X90PRO can be said to be a big seven-seat SUV with face value, inner and space, strong power and fuel consumption is not too high, the main thing is to drive like a sedan as well, suitable for a large family size, or like to drive friends.Jetour X90PRO listed official guide price of 127,900-169,900 yuan, a comprehensive comparison, is also a cost-effective very high. The Jetour X90PRO was listed at an official guide price of 12.79-16.99 million yuan, which is also a cost-effective large seven-seat SUV in terms of comprehensive comparison, and the Jetour X90 has won the sales championship of large seven-seat SUVs within 200,000 yuan after all, so it is more reliable in all aspects.
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