BAIC New Energy is committed to electrification

Release Date : 2023-06-28
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      BAIC New Energy has a strong background as a foundation. 2018 has become the first domestic new energy vehicle stock through a major asset restructuring. In the research of new technologies, new industries and new models, the genes of BAIC New Energy development are evolving to become a company that will continuously develop into a transformation to a manufacturing service-oriented and technology innovative enterprise, leading the change of automation and technological innovation in China's new energy vehicle industry.

BAIC New Energy's "Darwin System" opens up a limitless future

      BAIC New Energy has built a global R&D centre to master the "three electric technologies", and with the Darwin system as a symbol, it opens up a new era of artificial intelligence driving. The Darwin System is a vehicle AI system developed by BAIC New Energy that integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, and has the ability to develop and grow independently. The whole system has the characteristics of: liberating people, pleasing people and self-growth. It ultimately realises five major artificial intelligences: intelligent electric control, intelligent flying screen, intelligent voice, intelligent driving and intelligent network connection.

BAIC New Energy builds R&D centres around the world Manufacturing experience continues to improve

     If you want to do a good job, you must first improve your tools. BAIC New Energy has set up six global R&D centres in Beijing (China), Silicon Valley (USA) and Aachen (Germany), and has extensive experience in a number of areas including electric drive assembly systems, internet and intelligence, extended-range electric vehicle powertrains, and lightweight multi-material vehicles. As BAIC New Energy continues to increase its investment in R&D, it has now built a test site with an area of 7,000 square metres, more than 300 sets of various facilities and equipment worth a total of more than RMB 22,000,000. BAIC New Energy has also joined hands with the world's top enterprise Magna to fund the construction of a factory to create an intelligent vehicle sharing platform open to the world.

BAIC New Energy not only takes the development of the company as a driving force to move forward, but is also committed to promoting the progress of new energy vehicles in China. Behind BAIC New Energy's high profile moments is constant dedication and enterprise. There has never been an overnight success, there has only been a silent dedication to deep scientific research and innovation.

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