SAIC-GM’s Ultium-based Buick ELECTRA E4 goes on sale, starting at 189,900 yuan

Release Date : 2023-07-11
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 Buick, an auto brand under SAIC General Motors (SAIC-GM), announced its new premium electric coupe SUV, the Buick ELECTRA E4, officially hit the market.
The lineup includes four trim levels, including the GS version, and offers two options for driving range, with prices ranging from 189,900 yuan to 259,900 yuan.

As the second Buick-branded model based on the Ultium platform, following the ELECTRA E5 SUV, the new model is equipped with the all-new VCS intelligent cockpit and boasts the latest iteration of the eConnect connectivity technology. It also offers the SUPER CRUISE advanced driver-assistance system as an add-on. From now on, display vehicles have been gradually arriving at Buick's offline stores dedicated to battery electric vehicle (BEV) nationwide, with deliveries scheduled to begin in July.

The Buick ELECTRA E4 embraces the PURE Design concept inherited from the ELECTRA-X concept car. With dimensions of 4,818mm × 1,912mm × 1,581mm and a wheelbase of 2,954mm, the new vehicle showcases a sleek and powerful design language.

The new Buick's soaring wing front face, with its layered upper and lower sections, creates a light and dynamic stance for the ELECTRA E4. The slim and sharp dual-wing LED daytime running lights, inheriting Buick's classic family design language, together with the suspended nose wing, widen the visual perception horizontally. The deep-space meteor grille, combined with gradient horizontal lines, adds to the sporty stance and further accentuates the dynamic presence.

The Buick ELECTRA E4's body features a three-dimensional and energetic design language, with contrasting light and shadow created by concave and convex surfaces, showcasing a visually striking and poised SUV coupe effect. The floating roof, hidden electric door handles, and full-surround protective panels all contribute to excellent aerodynamic performance.

At the rear of the vehicle, the floating roof and the upturned aerodynamic balance wing store ample kinetic energy. The full-width flow-wing taillights, combined with vertical decorative strips, expand the visual width.

The Buick ELECTRA E4's cabin offers a comfortable and minimalist experience. The floating-style center console design is stylish and sleek. The blue-purple color gradient trim extends from the center console to the side doors, creating a futuristic ambiance. The floating center armrest opens up the space between the driver and the passenger, offering a convenient and practical open storage area.

Thanks to the Ultium BEV-dedicated platform and the 2,954mm-long wheelbase, the Buick ELECTRA E4 provides spacious cabin space. Its front headroom reaches 1,013mm, while the rear headroom stands at an impressive 975mm. Combined with 116mm of knee room, the vehicle aims to a comfortable and relaxed travel experience for all occupants.

The Buick ELECTRA E4 is equipped with the all-new VCS intelligent cockpit, featuring an EYEMAX 30-inch curved 6K screen as standard across the trims. The system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, combined with the VIP intelligent electronic architecture, supporting simultaneous multi-mode OTA updates for the entire vehicle system.

Furthermore, the new car comes standard with iKey smartphone key, wireless Apple CarPlay, and wireless charging function, providing users with a smart, convenient, and wirelessly enjoyable driving experience.
The standard range version of the new model is equipped with a 65 kWh battery pack, with a minimum power consumption of 13.4 kWh/100 km, and achieves a range of 530 km under the CLTC test cycle. The GS long-range four-wheel-drive version adopts a front permanent magnet synchronous motor and a rear induction asynchronous motor layout, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds and achieve a CLTC-rated range of 620 km.

In terms of intelligent driving technology, the Buick ELECTRA E4 comes standard with the eCruise intelligent driver-assistance system, which provides practical features such as FSRACC full-speed range adaptive cruise control and HOLCA intelligent lane centering assistance. The GS long-range four-wheel-drive version can be equipped with the new-generation SUPER CRUISE super-assisted driving system, relying on high-computing chips and a perception system composed of advanced cameras, radar systems, high-precision maps, and more.

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