BYD unveils interior images of Seal DM-i sedan

Release Date : 2023-07-19
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On July 17, BYD released the interior images of its all-new PHEV sedan model of the Ocean series, the Seal DM-i, which made its debut at the Auto Shanghai 2023 under the name “Destroyer 07”.

As the name suggests, the BYD Seal DM-i is equipped with the DM-i plug-in hybrid system and is expected to hit the market in this year’s third quarter, with an estimated price range of 180,000 to 250,000 yuan.

The interior of the Seal DM-i incorporates various ocean-inspired design elements. For instance, the "wave-like" curves on both sides of the dashboard, the crystal-style gear lever, and seats with a ripple embrace design all contribute to a visual experience that exudes a sense of suspension, layering, and embrace. Additionally, the car's dashboard adopts a new color and material scheme, coupled with a 31-color ambient lighting system.


The Seal DM-i is equipped with a "2+1" configuration for the instrument panel, consisting of two large screens: the W-HUD head-up display system and a 15.6-inch adaptive rotatable floating pad, along with a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel.

Both the driver and front passenger seats offer multi-directional electric adjustments. The seats, designed with a combination of two-tone colors and three-dimensional stitching, provide a generous and elegant appearance. Furthermore, the Seal DM-i is equipped with a pretty long rear seat cushion, providing ample support for the thighs.

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