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In this issue we bring you a compact pure electric vehicle, the BYD Qin PLUS EV, which was first launched on 7 April 2021, the BYD Qin PLUS EV is the pure electric version of the BYD Qin PLUS, and its launch directly complements the market gap between the Qin Pro EV and the Han EV. It complements the Qin Pro EV and Han EV, and with its sleeker appearance and blade battery technology, it adds to the car's appeal.
What is word of mouth? Those of you who have read our previous articles will probably understand, so let me explain here that word-of-mouth reviews can simply be understood as the feelings of AutoZone's certified owners about the exterior, interior, comfort, handling and space of the vehicles they own, and give them a corresponding rating.

We've chosen to feature popular new cars, and the number of AutoZone Word of Mouth participants during this period is over 100. So far, 713 AutoZone Certified Owners have filled in the word-of-mouth content for the BYD Qin PLUS EV.

On the BYD Qin PLUS EV model page, click on the "Word of Mouth" button to see the impressions of the BYD Qin PLUS EV by keywords. "strong acceleration", "good comfort", "long range", "plenty of features", "good boot space", "steering wheel", "Enough space in the trunk" and "Reasonably light and heavy steering wheel" are the areas where the owners are satisfied with the BYD Qin PLUS EV, The interior odour", "loud tyre noise" and "poor dashboard design" were criticised by owners.
The new car adopts the BYD EV Dragon Face design language, with the closed grille of the pure electric vehicle identity, the silver trim extending from the front to the top of the headlights on both sides, and the ancient style "Qin" embellishment, all of which are family design elements used on the Qin PLUS EV. In detail, the black trim strip that extends to the vent area on both sides is unique to the Qin PLUS EV and further extends the visual width of the vehicle.

The sliding roof curve gives the car a coupe-like appearance, and the waistline rises at the rear wheel brow to give the car a sense of power. The dimensions of the Qin PLUS EV are 4765/1837/1515mm in length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2718mm.
The rear of the car features the popular through-tail lamp design, with straight lines and a layered visual effect. The tail light clusters have been flattened to blend in with the shape of the rear of the car.
  In terms of scores, the Qin PLUS EV scores 4.84 points for appearance, which is high in all categories, indicating that most owners still approve of the car's appearance. As we can see from the owner's word-of-mouth reviews, many owners say that the "front end design is beautiful", "the body is imposing", "the rear lights are beautiful" and "the headlights are nice". The headlights look good", etc. The car's front end design is very sharp and full of momentum, and the headlights look gorgeous, bringing a charm to the car as a whole." In addition, the owner Luzhou car friend 7966812 said: "From different angles, the car has different recognition, the design of the front is my favorite, coupled with a strong sense of texture, the overall appearance of the car looks particularly valiant.

The interior of the Qin PLUS EV is designed with a hugging cockpit design, a large suspended centre screen and a three-spoke flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel, which gives the car a good sense of quality. The Adaptive Rotating Suspended Centre Display is not absent from the Qin PLUS EV, as it supports vehicle settings, entertainment system controls and other functions, and is strong enough to be compatible with the download and use of major mainstream apps.
  From the word-of-mouth reviews, most owners think the Qin PLUS EV has a good centre console design and are satisfied with the interior materials. However, some owners also suggested that the interior of the car has a bad odor and the dashboard is not well designed.
  Owner Yueyang Carmate 8226193 mentioned in the word of mouth, "The interior is obviously sporty, the overall look is very young and energetic, and the 12.8-inch centre control screen is very easy to operate." In addition, owner Neijiang car enthusiast 9594860 also thinks: "The choice of materials for the interior is very good, with lots of leather and metal areas, which looks luxurious and atmospheric. The interior is also very textured to the touch and does not look cheap.

The front seats of the Qin PLUS EV have a unibody styling with a two-tone colour scheme, and the higher end models also offer 6-way power adjustment for the main seat and 4-way power adjustment for the passenger seat. The rear canopy is also recessed upwards to further expand the headroom of rear passengers and improve ride comfort. The rear seats also support a 4/6 ratio, which further expands the storage space in the boot. In terms of configuration, the Qin PLUS EV is richer in basic features, with Auto Hold, fixed speed cruise control, reversing camera, rear parking radar, heated/electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, 4G internet, in-car Wi-Fi, mobile phone NFC car key and automatic climate control all available across the range.
  In summary, the car is at a relatively good level of space. For the owners, in the word-of-mouth evaluation owners generally think that the car's "rear space is sufficient", "trunk space is sufficient", "storage space design is reasonable" and so on. One of the owners wandering life vl said, "In my opinion the space performance of this car is really excellent, the distance between the main driver and passenger driver is reasonably designed and there is a lot of legroom." In addition, the owner Ji'an car friend 5416628 mentioned in the word of mouth, "The storage space inside the car is still very reasonable, the volume of the trunk is large, especially the opening of the trunk is reasonably designed, and adults above 180cm in height can easily take things."
The comfort of the car was rated differently by the owners, some of whom were "satisfied with the comfort", "comfortable seats" and "good sound insulation". However, some owners thought that the car had "big tyre noise" and "big wind noise".
  The car's comfort is not very good, not only is it spacious, but the seats and the feel of the various parts are very good after sitting on them, and the ride is getting better and better. "In addition, the owner like Shen Congwen yelled straight:" This car's seat comfort is very good, in line with my habits, even if driving two hours do not feel tired."
  However, there are also owners Xiaogan car friend 3117532 said, "This car's tire noise is relatively large, not that it is not quiet, that is, tire noise is more obvious." Another owner, bear no12, also mentioned this problem, he mentioned in the word of mouth: "If it is driven at high speed, the car's tire noise is relatively large, wind noise is also very large, especially the electric car in the driving process is relatively quiet, the feeling is more obvious.

The Qin PLUS EV will be available in 600km, 500km and 400km range versions (NEDC conditions), all powered by a lithium iron phosphate blade battery. The 600km NEDC range model is equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 135kW and a maximum torque of 280N-m. The 500km and 400km NEDC range models are equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 100kW and a maximum torque of 180N-m. In terms of chassis suspension, the Qin PLUS EV features a combination of independent MacPherson front suspension + independent multi-link rear suspension.

Dora555, the owner, said: "The car has a very fast pick-up, and I experienced it once on the road when I first picked it up. I haven't been on the highway yet, but I can feel the car's pushback feeling. I was worried about the power of a pure electric car before, but after driving the car in real life these problems no longer exist." In addition, the owner, I don't want your fancy words, also said, "The steering is precise, with very little dummy space, and the steering is also very light, so individuals have no problem getting around indoors or reversing into the garage. The chassis is also excellently tuned to match the power of this car, which is on the stiff side, but enhances the sporty feel and doesn't feel flimsy."
In terms of handling performance, the BYD Qin PLUS EV was mostly rated positively by its owners, with "good driving stability", "right steering weight" and "accurate steering" being The key words that were mentioned a lot were
  The car's handling is still very good, the steering wheel is reasonably light and heavy, and there are no false positions, so it's better to control. Some of the assistance systems in the car also help with driving." In addition, the owner of Unity is a lake also said: "I think the car's control is not bad, the steering wheel is just the right amount of steering, not heavy at all, while the steering wheel has good directional amount, the feedback when turning is also very timely."
In terms of value for money, the car with the highest number of word-of-mouth is the BYD Qin PLUS EV 500KM Luxury model, which has a guide price of 148,800 yuan. Owner Duan Dafei said: "The BYD Qin PLUS EV is superb value for money. I can run more than 500 kilometres at home for just over 40 yuan of electricity. If I were driving an oil car, I wouldn't be able to drive many kilometres for this amount of money at all, but I'm especially relieved to use electricity."
  In addition, car enthusiast Ailen's clothes e said, "Value for money wise, this car is the most practical in this price range, I think. BYD's blade battery reassures me that it won't cause me any trouble in later use.
We can see from the data analysis that the main uses of the BYD Qin PLUS EV are commuting to work, shopping, transporting children and driving, which is in line with most family models. This shows that domestic use is still the most important scenario for the BYD Qin PLUS EV. As a result, many owners are more concerned about range, space and value for money.
Full summary:
  The BYD Qin PLUS EV is a competitive vehicle in the 100,000-200,000 RMB range of pure electric vehicles. Not only does it have the range to meet daily driving needs, its space, power and comfort are well received by owners. In addition, the design and blade battery technology that BYD has accumulated over the years is also fully reflected in this new car. This, coupled with the affordable price, has contributed to the car's continued high popularity
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