Changan Automobile unveils official images of Qiyuan A07 electric sedan

Release Date : 2023-07-14
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Changan Qiyuan (translated in Chinese pinyin), the fresh new energy vehicle product sequence under Changan Automobile, released the official images of its first model, the A07, on June 27. 

Positioned as a mid-to-large-sized pure electric sedan, the A07 features a brand-new logo and a design language distinct from the existing Changan lineup.

In terms of exterior design, the A07 showcases a futuristic aesthetic with its integrated lighting units and a three-segmented air intake below. The sleek side profile, slightly sloping roofline, concealed door handles, and low-drag wheels accentuate the sportiness of the vehicle. The vehicle measures 4,905mm long, 1,910mm wide, 1,480mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,900mm. 

Inside, the A07 adopts a dual-spoke multifunction steering wheel, large floating infotainment screen, and seamless air vents. Notably, the official images suggest that the vehicle will be equipped with features such as a head-up display (HUD) and wireless charging.

Regarding powertrain options, the A07 is expected to ride on the Changan EPA1 platform, offering both range-extended and pure electric versions. The range-extended variant is anticipated to feature a 1.5L engine and an electric motor that churns out 160kW. 

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