Yihang Intelligence adds a subsidiary of BAIC Group to its shareholders

Release Date : 2023-07-25
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Beijing Ehang Yuanzhi Technology Co. Ltd, the legal entity of autopilot system developer Ehang Intelligence, recently witnessed a significant change in its shareholder structure.

According to data from the Chinese enterprise information database "Tianyancha", two investors have withdrawn their investments from the company. Instead, the new shareholder is Jiangsu Jiequan Anpeng Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund supported by BAIC Group.
Among the existing shareholders of EHang, Li Shufu's Beijing Auto Hejia Information Technology Co., Ltd. and GAC Group's second equity investment (Foshan) partnership are also included.
EHang, founded in 2015, is one of the earliest auto pilot start-ups in China, focusing on independent research and development of auto drive system. As early as 2016, the company obtained its first autonomous driving level one mass production project.
Over the years, EHang has accumulated rich experience, with successful mass production experience of more than 100000 complete vehicles and driving data collection of more than 1 billion kilometers. EHang has full stack internal capabilities such as perception, decision planning, control, software and hardware development, and is one of the few autopilot suppliers that can provide advanced functions such as NOA Pilot&Parking integrated solutions and city wide FSD functions.
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