Dongfeng AEOLUS unveils customized ride-hailing E70 EV

Release Date : 2023-07-20
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AEOLUS, the wholly-owned passenger vehicle brand of Dongfeng Motor, and Dntu, a ride-share technology company, jointly introduced their first custom-made ride-hailing electric vehicle, the AEOLUS E70 Beijing Dntu Edition, which recently rolled off the assembly line at Dongfeng's passenger car factory.


The E70 Beijing Dntu Edition maintains the excellent features, spaciousness, safety, and service of the original AEOLUS E70, with upgraded interior enhancements. It also comes equipped with a next-generation in-car headrest screen jointly developed by Dntu, the Chinese Academy of Sciences,, and Xinhua News Agency, offering passengers an enriched travel experience. Additionally, the rear of the vehicle is embedded with a "Dntu" logo branding.

The AEOLUS E70 is one of the best-selling pure electric ride-hailing vehicles in China in 2022, garnering immense popularity among ride-hailing drivers. 

On the other hand, Dntu, driven new energy vehicle and information technology, has already established cooperation with leading ride-hailing platforms like DiDi, T3 Mobility, Feidi Chuxing, and others. Their joint mobility service is strategically deployed in major cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Wuhan, and Changsha, offering convenient travel solutions while building an efficient backend management system for vehicle assets.

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