Dragon Eagle One" on board the Link 08

Release Date : 2023-06-30
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At the Shanghai Auto Show, Link 08, Link's new SUV, was premiered. As a product that focuses on intelligent networking, this vehicle is equipped with two 7nm intelligent cockpit chips "Dragon Eagle One" from CorePower Technology, which break the monopoly of high performance automotive chips by foreign manufacturers and provide a new choice for Chinese car enterprises.

The 7nm process-based intelligent cockpit chip "Dragon Eagle One" features a high-performance computing cluster with 8-core CPU, 14-core GPU and 8 TOPS independent NPUs with audio and video processing capability to support up to 7 screens of HD output and 12 channels of video signal access. It is also the first in the industry to be equipped with dual HiFi 5 DSP processors.

  "The Dragon Eagle One's high-performance heterogeneous computing architecture provides surging computing power, and the powerful CPU and GPU computing power can smoothly support its industry-first 92-inch giant sky HUD with 2K resolution, real-world navigation covering three lanes, and support for cross-media viewing and gaming on mobile phones, further providing an immersive cockpit experience.

In addition, the 16 TOPS arithmetic power of the Double Eagle One supports L0-L2 assisted driving functions, including APA assisted parking and RPA remote parking, and is equipped with multiple cameras to significantly improve driving safety and convenience. It is also worth mentioning that the "Dragon Eagle One" chip is equipped with the "black technology" of eye tracking function. The AR-HUD can adjust the best viewing angle in real time according to the driver's eye height, which is more conducive to the focus of vision during the driving process.

  The localization of chips is of strategic importance in the development of smart cars, and CoreTech's mastery of the core technology will help to ensure the safety of the automotive supply chain.

Ltd. was established in 2018 in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Province, with R&D centres in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, focusing on the design, development and sales of advanced automotive electronic chips. processor provider.

  By working with Meizu Flyme Auto system, Dragon Eagle One can give full play to its high performance, low power consumption and high integration features, enabling Link's dynamic and sensible digital cockpit experience, truly upgrading the human-machine interaction experience of the car to the mobile phone level and opening up a new era of intelligent advancement.

  Dr. Kai Wang, Director and CEO of CorePower Technology, said, "It means a lot to us that 'Dragon Eagle One' has been selected and installed in the new Link 08. The 'Dragon Eagle One' is benchmarked against the most advanced products in the international market in terms of design, process and performance, and can help customers to go beyond in the field of intelligence, thus realising full-scene intelligent connectivity and smart mobility. CoreTech is committed to providing better choices for OEMs from performance, to overall cost, and information security. The combination of 'Dragon Eagle One' and Link 08 will set a new benchmark in the industry, and we will continue to leverage our R&D strength and expertise to drive the domestic chip to a higher standard and empower the development of China's automotive intelligence."
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