GAC Toyota, Tencent partner on cloud-based digital transformation

Release Date : 2023-07-18
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GAC Toyota, the joint venture of GAC Group and Toyota Motor, inked a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Chinese Internet giant Tencent for digital ecosystem collaboration in Shenzhen on July 14.


This comprehensive partnership aims to accelerate GAC Toyota's digital transformation and upgrade by focusing on areas such as automotive cloud platform, internet connectivity and security, V2X, and digital marketing.

GAC Toyota, in collaboration with Tencent, will co-create a leading cloud platform and related solutions to expedite the migration of its marketing and service operations to the cloud, ensuring a high-quality digital transformation. Additionally, the two companies will leverage their deep technological expertise and experience in the security field to jointly establish a three-dimensional security protection system covering the cloud, management, and end points of the automotive industry, fortifying the security defense line in the cloud.

Moreover, leveraging Tencent's TAI smart cockpit ecosystem, both parties will explore innovative cabin application scenarios and user-operating business models. Through multiple channels, they will utilize data-driven approaches to engage with users and foster intelligent growth.

Looking ahead, GAC Toyota and Tencent will further collaborate in areas such as cultivating digital talent, exploring cutting-edge technology topics, and co-creating solutions. They will actively explore the implementation of relevant applications, contributing to the intelligent and digital development of the automotive industry ecosystem.

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