Geely and Baidu Launch New Automotive Robot Brand "Jiyue

Release Date : 2023-08-16
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As an important milestone in the "Automotive Robot Strategic Cooperation Project" between China's large automaker Geely and technology giant Baidu, a new brand called "Jiyue" was officially unveiled on August 14th.

As a high-end intelligent automotive robot brand under Geely Holdings, the first model was named "Jiyue 01".
This announcement raises a question: Where will the previous joint venture JIDU go? From the architecture diagram below, it can be seen that JIDU mainly focuses on the output of intelligent development achievements. With Geely's SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture), it transforms Baidu's artificial intelligence capabilities into engineering products, playing a role similar to that of a solution provider. In contrast, Jiyue focuses on vehicle production, market operation, user service, and the establishment of charging and energy replenishment systems. Essentially, JIDU is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the overall technical solution, while Jiyue is responsible for pushing the product to the market.

The launch of the JiYue brand marks a step closer to mass production for both companies' automotive robots. Notably, on August 14, a new electric multipurpose passenger vehicle under the JiYue brand was included in the 374th batch of newly announced product catalogs by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Upon closer inspection of the official images, the JIYUE 01 is actually the first vehicle from Chengdu, named ROBO-01.With JIDU's core technological capabilities in advanced intelligent driving perception, algorithms and integrated vehicle design, the new vehicle breaks the boundaries between exterior and interior design by incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. From the outside, the JIBO-01 eliminates most physical controls such as exterior door handles and center console buttons, and adopts a U-shaped steering wheel, a 3D borderless integrated ultra-sharp display, an active retractable tailfin, and sympathetic interactive headlamps, presenting a highly futuristic design.
In short, the launch of the "Jiyue" brand marks a significant leap forward for Geely and Baidu in achieving automotive robotics, consolidating their cooperative relationship in promoting technological innovation in the automotive industry.

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