HiPhi Y all-electric SUV hits market with starting price of 339,000 yuan

Release Date : 2023-07-18
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On July 15th, HiPhi, the Chinese luxury electric vehicle brand owned by Human Horizons, officially put its third model, the HiPhi Y SUV, onto the market. The new car offers four trim levels with a price range of 339,000 yuan to 449,000 yuan.
The HiPhi Y provides six color options for the body. Coupled with liquid metal texture paint or flowing pearl paint, it exudes a sense of technological luxury.

In terms of appearance, the new model carries strong family design genes, featuring a mech-inspired design style, a closed grille, and highly recognizable lighting units that embody the distinctive characteristics of the HiPhi brand.

Compared to the HiPhi X, the front face of the HiPhi Y has sharper lines and a more robust appearance. The styling of the headlights on both sides is closer to the sporty style of the HiPhi Z.

The side profile of the vehicle is solid and full, especially the window part, which incorporates elements from the HiPhi Z. With its sleek lines, smoked A/B/C pillars, and slightly sloping roof design, it creates a highly dynamic floating roof effect.

The HiPhi Y measures 4,938mm in length, 1,958mm in width, 1,658mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,950mm.

The HiPhi Y’s entire series is equipped with the second-generation NT intelligent butterfly doors as standard, bringing a sense of ceremony with its cool stance, while providing a luxurious, elegant, and practical intelligent entry and exit experience. The six electric doors use a new generation of screw motor, along with rain sensors and 24 obstacle sensors, enabling intelligent touchless entry and exit, precise obstacle detection, and avoiding the need to open the butterfly doors on rainy days.


The rear design adopts a minimalist style commonly seen in pure electric SUVs. With a few bold lines, the rear end gains a sense of layering. The rear window is cleaned by high-speed airflow, eliminating the need for a rear window wiper and maintaining a clean and sleek appearance.

In the inside, the HiPhi Y features a triple-screen layout consisting of a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, a 15-inch high-definition co-pilot screen, and a 17-inch OLED central control screen. It is accompanied by a 9.2-inch streaming media rearview mirror and a 22.9-inch high-definition colorful head-up display.

The central control screen is equipped with a pitch-adjustable mechanical arm with a 25° range, which automatically adjusts according to the driver's position and supports voice/manual/steering wheel button adjustments for the optimal viewing angle. The 15-inch high-definition co-pilot screen is powered by Qualcomm’s 8250 chip.

The front seats of the HiPhi Y come standard with three-stage heating/ventilation/massage functions, while the rear seats have a maximum cushion thickness of 11.3cm, providing a comfortable sofa-like experience. The rear seats also come standard with three-stage heating and two-stage backrest angle adjustment features.

Regarding power, the HiPhi Y Long-Range version with an 810km range is equipped with a 115kWh ternary lithium battery supplied by CATL. The HiPhi Y Flagship version with a 765km range innovatively applies an adaptive four-wheel-drive system, achieving both powerful performance and long endurance. The HiPhi Y Pioneer ("Xianfeng" in Chinese Pinyin) version/Elite ("Jingying" in Chinese Pinyin) version with a CLTC range of 560km carries a 76.6kWh battery pack.

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