Release Date : 2023-07-06
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On July 3, ARCFOX αS HI, the premium new energy vehicle model from BAIC Group’s ARCFOX brand, rolled out its fifth Over-The-Air (OTA) update nationwide. 

This update introduces the highly anticipated AVP (Automated Valet Parking) assistance feature, along with enhancements to 14 intelligent driving functions, further elevating the vehicle's intelligent driving capabilities.

The AVP assistance feature relies on integrated perception capabilities to real-time map and memorize parking environments, and does not require any external devices. The system fully relies on the vehicle's own sensors for implementation.

To utilize the AVP feature, users only need to drive the vehicle into a parking spot and save the record during their first visit. The system will automatically create a parking lot model, allowing them to use the AVP assistance function during subsequent visits. Users can drive from the entrance of the parking lot to their pre-saved or selected parking spot, and the vehicle will autonomously handle the parking process. In case the desired spot is occupied, users can proactively choose an available nearby spot, significantly expanding the functionality's usability.


In addition to AVP, the fifth OTA update brings optimization to 14 intelligent driving functions of the ARCFOX αS HI. These enhancements include improved pedestrian and bicycle avoidance capabilities, better handling of congested urban roads, and smoother merging on and off ramps, etc., with smarter vehicle decision-making and more decisive operations.

Moreover, the human-machine interaction experience of the αS HI has also been continuously improved in the fifth OTA update. New features include the wake-up function for accidental acceleration pedal press during intelligent parking and the "lane preference" option. Notably, the update introduces seamless route replanning without exiting the Navigation Cruise Assist (NCA) mode when adding charging stations along the way, ensuring uninterrupted user experience.

Following the successful deployment of the NCA functionality in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, ARCFOX will soon make it available to users in Hangzhou, Chongqing, and Beijing. 

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