Huawei acquires "Wenjie" trademark

Release Date : 2023-07-17
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Chinese ICT giant Huawei has recenlty acquired a total of 21 "Wenjie"-related trademarks, which is the Chinese name of Huawei and SERES Group’s premium new energy vehicle brand AITO, according to the information from the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

The transfer was made by Beijing Yong'an Shida Kemao Co., Ltd. and Beijing Kechuang Huidai Kemao Co., Ltd. The trademark categories cover scientific instruments and transportation tools, indicating that Huawei is likely to use the name "Wenjie" in future electronic products, automobiles, and transportation-related fields.

In response to the trademark acquisition, Huawei stated that its commitment to working together with automakers to build excellent vehicles remains unchanged, emphasizing that Huawei will not engage in car manufacturing itself.

In December 2021, Chongqing Sokon Industry Group (later renamed as SERES Group) and Huawei jointly launched the AITO brand. Under this partnership, SERES is responsible for the entire lifecycle experience of vehicle development, manufacturing, and service, while Huawei actively participates in product definition, vehicle development, and channel sales. Huawei's deep involvement enables joint quality control and marketing with SERES. 

In the same month, the first model under the AITO brand, the AITO M5, was launched. The car proudly displays the AITO logo on the front and rear, with "问界 (Chinese character of Wenjie) M5" placed on the right side of the rear. This naming convention continues with subsequent AITO models, such as the all-electric version of the Wenjie M5, the Wenjie M7, and the recently unveiled Wenjie M9.

As an ICT player, Huawei’s involvement in automaking can be concluded into three cooperation modes, HUAWEI Inside (like the ARCFOX αS HI model), HUAWEI Smart Selection (like the SERES SF5 model), and general auto parts supply (HarmonyOS, and domain controllers).

In addition to SERES, Huawei has also established HUAWEI Smart Selection partnerships with Chery Automobile and JAC Group. Furthermore, its collaboration with BAIC Group has transitioned from the HUAWEI Inside model to the HUAWEI Smart Selection model. With these partnerships, Huawei's Smart Selection automotive business now boasts four major vehicle manufacturers as partners.

While the transfer of the "Wenjie" trademark to Huawei's ownership is not directly linked to the partnerships with Chery, BAIC, and JAC, insiders suggest that "Wenjie" will become the unified naming convention for collaboration models with these automakers. 




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