Hyper unveils "GT" at Auto Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau 2023

Release Date : 2023-07-17
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On 16th June, 2023, Hyper officially launched its "GT" super charging station at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau-Great Bay Area Auto Show - the super charging station will be built on the same day, surveyed on the same day, and construction will start in the same month at the earliest. Previously, Haoplan pioneered the station construction mode combining "active layout + user co-creation", and successively released the "Fast, Wide and Near" energy replenishment network and "Hyper Charge to Home", for the first time handing over the right of site selection to users and accurately solving the problem of "super charging to home". For the first time, the right to choose a site is given to the user, accurately solving the charging problem at the user's doorstep. Relying on the powerful layout of the whole energy industry chain, Hyper Charge to Home has received the wishes of more than 2,000 users since its release one week ago, and has formed a total of nearly one hundred groups, and has achieved efficient investigation and construction, building a safe and secure energy replenishment system for users.

Solving the problem of replenishing energy for users is not a one-day effort, and it needs to start from the industrial chain and energy ecology level. Hao Platinum solved the problem of replenishing users' energy from a higher strategic level, invested 4.96 billion yuan to set up an energy ecological technology company, and launched strategic cooperation with power grid institutions and venue resources, creating a rare industry-wide energy industry chain layout. Previously, Hao Platinum has released the "fast and wide near power supply network" and "Hao Platinum super charging to home", the latter is Hao Platinum's industry-first "active layout + user co-creation" combined with the all-new station model. The latter is Hao Platinum's industry-first "active layout + user co-creation" combination of all-new stations, which not only reverses users' inherent views of the new energy car experience, but also establishes an energy ecosystem that accurately solves the problems of replenishment in the new energy industry.
The Hyper Charge to Home campaign is "fast and large". Only 2 hours after the release of the campaign, the reserved owner of Hyper GT in Lujiazui Tomson Yipin harvested the first HaoPlatin supercharging station. Since the release of the programme 7 days ago, HaoPlatin has received the wishes of more than 2,000 car owners from all over the network to build stations, and has already formed hundreds of tours, among which 10 tours have already been formed in Shenzhen.
On this basis, Haobao has solved the problem of "wide coverage and great difficulty". First of all, the group's wishing station covers the whole country, from Wulanhada Geological Park in Inner Mongolia in the north to the seascape houses in Sanya, Hainan in the south, and even the Overseas Chinese Town Golf Course in Shenzhen in the east, Zhuhai Racing Circuit, and other special places are distributed. Secondly, Hao Platinum supercharging station is also very difficult to build, in the scenic area communication difficulties in Shanghai Disney, Lianyungang's Moon Island, these places, but also to consider the protection of cultural relics, scenic area co-ordination, the government to apply for and other issues. HaoPlatinum supercharging to home accurately and efficiently solves the problem of replenishment, and provides users with user services that many new energy brands are difficult to do, or even dare not do.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the "Hao Platinum Supercharger to Home" programme, Hao Platinum plans to invest more than 500 million in special funds, and has reached a strategic cooperation with power grid institutions, property and site resources, and has also organised more than 20 super-charging station construction teams to go to the whole country, responding to the users' applications for construction of the stations in the first time, so as to practically solve the pain of replenishment of electricity at the doorsteps of users, and let them feel the happiness of replenishment of electricity at any time.

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