Hyundai MUFASA Mussa officially launched

Release Date : 2023-07-10
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The MUFASA Mussa is based on Hyundai's N3 platform (i-GMP) and has a more varied style compared to its predecessor, the ix35, which is closer to the latest Hyundai models overseas. The new car has more inputs and improvements in terms of interior intelligence, comfort features and practicality. Powering the MUFASA is a naturally aspirated 2.0L engine and 6AT transmission with 161 hp and 193 Nm of peak torque, offering four driving modes and three multi-road modes.

The MuSha will be joining the most competitive 100,000 to 150,000 RMB compact SUV market in China, including overseas brand products such as the RongXiang RAV4, Veranda and Corolla Elite, as well as autonomous brands such as the BoYue L, Haval Big Dog and Changan CS75 PLUS, all of which are in this price range while being highly competitive.

In addition, considering the high sensitivity of consumers in this price range to the cost of daily use, new energy models such as the Song PLUS and AION Y are quite competitive due to their lower cost of use. The Mulsa, despite its good price, is a purely fuel-efficient 2.0+6AT combination, which needs to be further examined in terms of both performance and expected economy. If Hyundai wants to make further progress, it will have to put more thought into the power configuration.
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