IM LS7 Introduces Two New Models

Release Date : 2023-07-10
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On 12 June, WiseGuy announced the addition of two new models to its LS7 - Urban Fit and Urban Fit Pro.
In terms of appearance, the overall styling of the two new models remains the same as the current model, with the addition of four-piston red brake calipers in a bid to enhance the sporty texture and performance.

In-vehicle intelligence is the focus of this new car, called the entire AI cabin configuration compared to the current model has been greatly upgraded, the configuration will also be gradually applied to other models.

In terms of power, the new car has also been strengthened in energy management. In terms of parameters, the new car provides single motor version and dual motor version, the former motor total power of 340 hp, peak torque of 475N-m; the latter motor maximum total power of 578 hp, peak torque of 725N-m. Battery, the new car will be equipped with 77kWh power battery pack.

Competitors, LS7 main rivals for independent brands of high-end SUV models. Avita 11, Xiaopeng G9 and Azera ES7 are not bad products. However, it should be noted that ZhiJi LS7 currently only offers a 5-seat version, which may be a hindrance for consumers who pursue versatility. But on the other hand, the LS7 SP's time of 1 minute, 42 seconds and 212 seconds in the Zhejiang race is quite impressive for an SUV.

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