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Release Date : 2023-07-04
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      Young people today are always caught in the dilemma of "wanting and needing". In life, they always want both romantic love and bread; they want a secure job and poetry and faraway places. When it comes to buying a car, young people who are looking for quality of life will not compromise, they want excellent performance, enough space and high cost performance. How do you satisfy young people's "small" minds? Just take a look at the NanoBOX, the winner of the top race in China.  
       At the 2023 China New Energy Vehicle Ordos Challenge, the NanoBOX, a small pure electric SUV, won the "SUV Endurance King in the Pure Electric Small Car Category" and the "Best Electricity Conversion Award in the Pure Electric Category" with a performance far beyond its class. The NanoBOX won the "SUV Endurance King", "Best Electricity Conversion Award" and "SUV Media Recommended Model Award", which is another authoritative certification of the champion's strength. What's even more remarkable is that the NanoBOX, which is proud of the competition, starts at only RMB 54,700. Will this "60,000-class mobility champion", with its champion quality and affordable price, satisfy young people who want both? Take a look.

Both big brands and less money  
       In recent years, new car makers have emerged from the crowd, and then rapidly fragmented in the face of fierce competition.  
       Among the many "big" manufacturers, NanoBOX is a big deal. As China's first small pure electric car brand - Dongfeng Nano - the NanoBOX combines the triple quality guarantees of central enterprise manufacturing, military quality and EU standards with five leading advantages: fast charging, 5 doors and 4 seats, large space, high safety and strong chassis. The NanoBOX's inherent hardcore strength has given it a product power that far exceeds its class, and has been the winner of the first Sichuan-Tibet Road Mobility Summit Challenge and the "SUV Endurance King in the Pure Electric Small Car Category" and "Best Electricity Conversion Award in the Pure Electric Category" of the China New Energy Vehicle Ordos Challenge. "It was also the winner of the first Sichuan-Tibet Road Mobility Challenge and the Best Electricity Conversion Award in the Pure Electric Vehicle category of the China New Energy Vehicle Ordos Challenge.
       In addition to the background of a major manufacturer and the strength of the double crown, the NanoBOX also has an extremely attractive purchase price. When you look at the 60,000 class pure electric market, minivans still dominate, and if consumers want an SUV, the price goes up to 70,000 or 80,000. With the NanoBOX, the price/performance ceiling in this price range has been broken. As a small pure electric SUV, the NanoBOX starts at only RMB 54,700 and is also equipped with fast charging across the range, allowing consumers to get the experience of a small car for the price of a minivan.  
       In addition to the affordable price, the NanoBOX also offers a limited-time benefit of "RMB 9.9 against RMB 5,000 championship allowance and up to RMB 5,000 comprehensive gift package", thus offering more young people the possibility to start a pure electric travel life as early as possible. With the attractive price and heavy benefits, even a new graduate can easily take the NanoBOX and live life to the fullest.
Spacious enough, but with a worry-free range  
       In recent years, with the explosive growth of new energy vehicles and the growing popularity of short-distance and camping trips, more and more young people are choosing to go on self-drive trips with their families or a couple of friends in a pure tram during their holidays. But to make the trip enjoyable, a large space and excellent range are essential. The NanoBOX is not only spacious, but also has a reliable range and efficient fast charging, allowing users to go anywhere, anytime, instantly.  
       In the $60,000 price range, the most common pure electric mobility vehicles on the market are small, spacious minivans, but such space configurations are hardly enough to satisfy consumers. As a small pure electric SUV, the NanoBOX is a space wizard, with a length of 3.7m but a long wheelbase of 2423mm, which is the ultimate in interior space - after all, the Hondas MINIEV and QQ Ice Cream in the same price range do not have a wheelbase of 2m. The long wheelbase gives the Nano BOX the space you need to make your trip with a couple of friends a reality, but also allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride throughout your journey. In addition, the Nano BOX's load capacity is also not to be underestimated, with a trunk volume of 300L, which can accommodate three trolley bags at the same time, and a large load space of 1107L in the rear, allowing young people to get rid of their 'choice phobia' and fit in whatever they want.

        In addition to its large space, the NanoBOX, which won the "Best Electricity Conversion Award in the Pure Electricity Category" in the China New Energy Vehicle Ordos Challenge, is the king of small pure electric vehicles in terms of efficiency. With a range of up to 351km, the NanoBOX is capable of covering short distances on a daily basis, and with its excellent efficiency, it can go further than other vehicles with the same range. The NanoBOX is equipped with an efficient fast and slow charging system. The fast charging system can recharge between 30% and 80% of the battery in half an hour, which means that the NanoBOX can be brought back to life in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. The NanoBOX can be fully charged in 3 to 4 hours on the slow charger, so you can go wherever you want with dual charging in hand.  
       Daily mobility, poetry and distance  
       Previously, entry-level mobility scooters were only seen as a tool for daily commuting and grocery shopping, and their use was limited to urban scenarios. With a younger user base, more and more young people are demanding more from their entry-level mobility scooters, not only for daily commuting but also for poetry and distant lands. Want a car that can be used for more than one purpose? For the NanoBOX, the double champion of the Sichuan-Tibet route and the China New Energy Vehicle Challenge, this is just an everyday operation.  
       Powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 33kW and a peak torque of 125N-m, the NanoBOX is able to demonstrate good acceleration and climbing ability on highways, national roads, provincial roads and country roads, thus allowing an entry-level mobility vehicle to go beyond the radius of city life and give users a richer driving pleasure, satisfying young people's pursuit of poetry and distant places.

        In terms of stability and comfort, the Nano BOX also scores full marks for its chassis. Based on the CMF-A platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, the chassis is tuned by the Renault master team, which not only provides stable and agile handling and precise steering, but also takes into account comfort and effectively filters out bumps from the road. "Whether you are a seasoned driver or a newly qualified rookie, you will be able to take control with ease.  
       In addition, the nanoBOX fully satisfies young people's desire to travel outdoors, with a minimum ground clearance of 150mm, allowing them to cross small ditches and hills with ease. Young people who love nature, travel and camping can break the city boundaries with the NanoBOX and go outdoors as they please.  
       What we see behind the young people's willingness to consume "both" is their careful selection of products and rational judgement, which also places higher demands on car companies. With the new needs of young people, the Double Crown Nano BOX is a product that leads the entry-level pure electric mobility market, providing young people with quality and experience that exceeds their expectations, and turning their expectations into triumphs.
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