NETA Auto announces foray into Jordanian EV market

Release Date : 2023-07-19
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NETA Auto, a Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) player under HOZON Auto, continues to expand its global footprint. On June 8, the carmaker officially made its debut in Jordan, launching and delivering its NETA U and NETA V models in the country.

The company revealed that the NETA GT sports car will also soon be available in the Jordanian market.

In the meantime, NETA Auto has initiated a partnership with Jordan's car distributor Tahboub Automotive. The partnership agreement, which has just been signed, will boost the duo's collaborations in vehicle sales and after-sales services.

NETA Auto's entry into Jordan signifies the successful execution of its global expansion strategy. The Vice President of NETA Auto's overseas division, Mr. Wang Chengjie, says, "At present, the global situation is volatile, and the demand for mobility service is rapidly evolving. NETA Auto firmly believes in the future of electric vehicles and is dedicated to their development. We uphold the principles of cleanliness, greenness, and efficiency, and strive to make high-quality smart electric vehicles accessible to all."

According to public data, in May, NETA Auto delivered a total of 13,029 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 18%. Of these, the NETA V series accounted for 5,138 units, the NETA U series 3,963 units, the NETA S series 2,212 units, and the NETA GT series 1,716 units. Notably, overseas markets contributed 2,042 units to the NEV maker's delivery volume in May, accounting for 15.7% of the company's monthly sales.

The launch of the NETA U and NETA V models in Jordan is expected to further boost NETA Auto's overseas sales.

NETA Auto has made significant strides in its "deep cultivation in ASEAN, exploration in the EU" strategy. It has established a subsidiary in Thailand, a European division, and its global map now spans the ASEAN, South America, and the Middle East. At the first station of its global expansion strategy – Thailand, NETA Auto has laid the foundation for its Thailand Ecological Smart Factory, which will be a major base for the production of right-hand drive electric vehicles and exports to the ASEAN region.

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