NETA Motors Announces Entry into the Indonesian Market

Release Date : 2023-08-11
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NETA Auto, the new energy vehicle (NEV) maker under HOZON auto, on August 10 announced its foray into the Indonesian market with its three models, namely, the NETA S, the NETA U-II, and the NETA V, making their debut at the GIIAS (GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show) 2023.
In order to provide high-quality electric vehicles in Indonesia, PT NETA Auto Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on July 26 with its local partner, PT Handal Indonesia Motor (HIM), to assemble the vehicles on a CKD basis from the second quarter of 2024 onwards.

In addition, to accelerate global business expansion, NETA Auto officially debuted in Jordan on June 8th, launching and delivering two models, NETA U and NETA V.
The company revealed that the NETA GT sports car will soon be launched in the Jordanian market.
At the same time, NETA Motors has also established a partnership with Tahboub Automotive, a Jordanian car dealer. The cooperation agreement just signed will promote cooperation between both parties in automobile sales and after-sales service.
Returning to 2022, NETA Automobile Company began implementing the grand strategy of "landing in ASEAN and entering the European Union", taking the first step of international expansion, which is the "Year of Going Abroad". In just over a year, NETA has successfully established a European business unit and established a factory in Thailand. Its overseas footprint covers ASEAN, South America, and the Middle East markets, demonstrating its rapid development trend.

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