ROX Motor’s EV brand announces prices of first model ‘Jishi 01’

Release Date : 2023-08-23
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Jishi Auto, a new energy vehicle brand owned by Chinese start-up ROX Motor, has officially launched its first mass-produced model, the Jishi 01 (Chinese name "jishi", literally meaning "jishi") to the market ). The car has two configurations, priced at 349,900 yuan and 359,900 yuan.
It is worth noting that ROX Motor is a car manufacturing project initiated by Chang Jing, founder of Roborock, a Chinese robot vacuum manufacturer.

JESON said that JESON 01 is a powerful embodiment of strength and rugged design. The wide front grille complements the Y-shaped headlights on both sides, expanding the visual width while exuding an intimidating aura. The black trim around the air intake grille and the newly designed brand logo add a touch of sophistication to the car and enhance the car's confident aesthetic.

The straight lines on the side of the body attract the eye, and the waistline of the whole body shows the characteristics of firmness and durability. The combination of the two-color roof design and the straight roof line enriches the headroom in the car, and is equipped with a roof luggage rack to meet the needs of off-road vehicle users. The subtle expansion of the front and rear fenders highlights the muscularity, and the wide side panels further strengthen the muscularity. It is worth noting that the car's body size is 5,050 mm (excluding spare tire) * 1,980 mm * 1,869 mm, and the wheelbase is 3,010 mm, establishing its identity as a typical mid-to-large SUV.

At the rear, the Jishi 01 maintains the clean aesthetic with its straight lines, aligning with its tough yet refined character. The vertically placed T-shaped taillights echo the headlights, while the broad rear windshield enhances interior visibility. The tailgate employs an electric suction mechanism and offers the option of an externally mounted spare tire, elevating its off-road capabilities.

Inside the Jishi 01, the interior adopts a uncluttered and upbeat design. Straight lines dominate the cabin, underscoring its rugged character. Across all trims, a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, 15.7-inch central touchscreen, and 15.6-inch rear-seat entertainment display are standard. Powering this experience is the Snapdragon 8155 chip, an 8-core CPU that ensures the robustness of the infotainment system. Dual wireless charging panels and cup holders further enhance convenience. 

The seating layout includes both 6-seat and 7-seat configurations, with the former adopting a 2+2+2 arrangement and the latter featuring a 2+2+3 setup. The 6-seat version flaunts aviation-style seating in the second row.

The Jishi 01 deploys a dual-motor four-wheel-drive range-extended electric system, delivering 350 kW of maximum power and 740 N·m of combined torque. The 0-100 km/h acceleration takes a mere 5.5 seconds. With a 56.01 kWh battery pack and a capacious 70-liter fuel tank, the vehicle boasts a range of 282 km (under CLTC standards) and 235 km (under WLTC standards) on battery power alone.

The model incorporates a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender with an impressive maximum thermal efficiency of 40.5%. The WLTC-standard combined fuel consumption stands at a mere 7.95 liters per 100 kilometers. Complemented by an intelligent energy management mode, the Jishi 01 boasts a CLTC-rated combined range of 1,338 km and a WLTC combined range of 1,115 km. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with a maximum external discharge power of 4.4 kW, a in-car 220V socket, and a side-mounted 2.2 kW V2L system.

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