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Release Date : 2023-06-21
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In this issue, we bring you a hot Chinese brand new energy MPV with good sales -  denza D9, which was officially launched on August 23, 2022 and officially delivered on October 25. Its monthly sales have already exceeded 10,000, which is surprising, also because the denza D9 itself is very competitive.

The '100 Word of Mouth Reviews of New Cars' is a series of content launched by the Car News team. We have chosen to feature popular new cars, and the number of AutoZone Word of Mouth participants during this period exceeds 100 as the standard. So far, 841 AutoZone Certified Owners have filled in the word-of-mouth content for the Tengis D9, so let's first take a look at their impressions of the car.
On the model page of the Tenshi D9 in AutoNavi, click on the "Word of Mouth" button to see the impressions of the Tenshi D9 by keywords. "Good comfort", "strong acceleration", "low fuel consumption" and "well-designed storage space" are some of the things The owners are satisfied with the Tenshi D9, while "noisy engine" and "small discount" are criticised by the owners.

In terms of appearance, the large size of the vehicle and the "π-Motion" potential aesthetic front face highlight the edgy and atmospheric temperament of the vehicle. The centre grille design is visually striking and has a sense of self-awareness, and the body is full, which is very much in line with the national aesthetic of MPV models. The dimensions of the D9 are 5250x1960x1920mm in length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 3110mm, ensuring ample space inside the vehicle. The rear of the Tenshi D9 uses through-head LED taillights, which is a popular design nowadays, and the squared-off rear shape also gives the car a more dignified look.
In terms of scores, the exterior of the Tenshi D9 scored 4.6 out of 5, ranking high in all indicators, which shows that most owners are satisfied with the exterior design of the Tenshi D9. We can see through the owner's word-of-mouth reviews that many owners say that "the body work is exquisite", "the door design is beautiful" and "the handle design is good".

One of the owners hounyan said: "The appearance of the atmosphere upscale, the shield of the big front design is very in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese, like this car words made the soul of high-end MPV, but also made the soul of the Chinese, personally is very like." In addition, the owner Huaian car friend 6639304 said, "In fact, the rear of this car than the front can attract me more, the night this through the tail light is really beautiful, buy this car I am really quite satisfied."
The interior of the Tenshi D9 inevitably has some traces of the BYA design language, such as the familiar gearbox shift area and the adaptive rotating suspension pad. the large centre screen is equipped with the Tenshi Link system, which supports 10 scenario modes such as Tenshi SHARE multi-screen sharing and napping mode. The centre console has a layered design, with each layer made up of different materials, including an intimate wood grain and elegant piano lacquer, while each layer is separated by ambient lighting.
From the word-of-mouth rating, the 4.39 score is the shortcoming of the Tengis D9 in all aspects of performance, but there are still some owners who say that "there are ambient lights", "the voice recognition function is good" and "the steering wheel material is good". The steering wheel buttons are not good" and "the centre console is easy to leave fingerprints on", but there are some owners who are not satisfied.

From the word-of-mouth rating, a score of 4.39 is considered to be the shortcoming of the Tengis D9 in all aspects of performance, but some owners still say that "there are ambient lights", "the voice recognition function is good" and "the steering wheel material is good". However, there are also some owners who feel that the steering wheel buttons are not good and that the centre console is prone to fingerprinting.
One of the owners zjy20030705 said: "The interior feels more technological, especially the leather seats look also relatively luxurious. There's also the iconic big screen, which does have a lot of features and is more like more satisfying!" The interior is the style of BYD that I can't quite appreciate, I can only say that the appearance of luxury and interior is a bit disconnected, but the texture of the leather seats is still very good."
In terms of space, the two premium seats in the second row of the Tengis D9 not only give passengers the same 'first class' ride, but also have a good sense of functionality and technology, supporting 10-way electric adjustment, 6-way sleep headrests, seat memory, one-touch reset and 10-point massage. The space in the third row also ensures a comfortable ride for passengers. The trunk space is also good, even with a full load of seven passengers, and there is room to store passengers' luggage in the trunk.

The Tengis D9 received the highest score of 4.7 for its space performance, with "sufficient space in the third row", "large boot space" and "sufficient headroom in the rear" being the general impressions of owners, "Enough space in the third row", "plenty of space in the boot" and "enough headroom in the back" were the general impressions of owners. The second row of seats is really well designed, with heated seats and a massage function. The armrests are also full of details and can be controlled by touch screen. The third row has a fist in front of it, so you don't have to worry about the lack of space at all." In addition, owner kevinczk1006 also said, "Not much to say about the second row, the third row is not small either, I am 175 tall and can keep all seven seats in the car relaxed at the same time. The boot is also large, with a low floor and plenty of vertical height, so I don't worry about not having enough room for all the stuff I take on trips."
In terms of intelligence, many owners have full praise for the voice recognition function, as the owner Nantong car friend 0716709 said: "voice recognition system, support continuous voice commands, no need to keep shouting. The audio used is Danner audio, 14 Danner audio in the whole car, automatic parking, 360 panoramic view, driving long distance adaptive cruise used more." In addition, the driving assistance function is also a feature that owners prefer, owner Xie Xiaoqiang said: "I tried its L2 intelligent driving assistance system when I bought the car, following the car is very smart, but also automatically detect the vehicle that is about to merge in and slow down in time, the whole driving process is very smooth. In addition, for such a big car, the parallel assist is also helpful for my daily manoeuvres, I don't have to worry about blind spots in my field of vision and my safety is improved."
The owners are very satisfied with the power performance of the D9, "strong acceleration", "smooth acceleration and gear shifting", "comfortable suspension damping" are the common feelings of the owners. The car has no frustration when starting out, and the acceleration is particularly fast, the steering wheel is very light, and the brakes are very sensitive. The owner, Shenzhen Uncle, is also very satisfied with the power: "The acceleration of 100 kilometres is more than 6 seconds, and there is no pressure at all, both in the city and at high speed. The car uses electricity in the city and is quiet and economical. The steering wheel is one and a half turns full, the turning radius is similar to that of a sedan, and the steering wheel is very light and easy to handle. The brakes are sensitive and feel safe."

In terms of value for money ratings, the main tags for the Tengis D9 are "richly equipped" and "cheap maintenance". The 2022 DM-i 970 4WD Premium, the top-selling model with the highest number of word-of-mouth shares, was given a 5 out of 5 rating by 79.3% of owners, while only 19.8% gave it a 4 out of 5 rating. This shows that the vast majority of owners recognise the value for money of the Tengis D9.
  As owner Lao Ma, a seafarer, said, "To enjoy the most luxurious and large space and the most advanced and various black technology configurations at a price of over 400,000 is already unbeatable." Owner Hangzhou car enthusiast 9734623 also said, "In terms of value for money, it's really worth getting. Basically the cost of ownership is not high, the space is big, the configuration is not bad, and the after-sales aspect is basically nothing to worry about, making it a good choice for families with more people."
We can see through the data analysis that the main purpose of purchasing the Tenshi D9 is for self-drive, child transport, business travel, commuting and long-distance running, which shows that most of the owners are buying the car for domestic and business needs, and the long-distance demand is strong, which is one of the reasons why the plug-in version of the Tenshi D9 sells better.
From this word-of-mouth analysis, we can see that the Tenshi D9 is the most user-friendly in terms of space performance, and is also very competitive in terms of configuration and price, and its exterior design is also in line with the aesthetics of Chinese consumers.

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