XPeng rolls out enhanced NGP functions for G9, P7i lineups

Release Date : 2023-07-06
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On July 6, Chinese new energy vehicle startup XPeng officially released a new version of its Over-The-Air (OTA) update, Xmart OS 4.3.0, for the entire G9 and P7i lineup. 

This update introduces an upgraded XNGP system that unifies the high-speed NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) and urban NGP technologies. 

The new generation of the high-speed NGP introduces a zero-intervention design philosophy, providing users with an advanced intelligent driving experience close to Level 4 autonomy. Compared to the previous version, the new high-speed NGP offers broader coverage and improved functionality, delivering a more comfortable and stable driving experience.

On the other hand, following its availability in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, the urban NGP functionality is now online in Beijing (mainly applicable to the city's ring roads and major expressways) and Foshan, becoming the first advanced intelligent driving system open for public use within Beijing's urban area. 

With the Xmart OS 4.3.0 upgrade, the urban NGP significantly enhances its driving capabilities, enabling smoother maneuvering during lane changes, detours, and following other vehicles. 


In Shanghai the system's coverage has been extended to inner ring roads and road sections beneath elevated bridges, enhancing overall road network connectivity. XPeng plans to expand the availability of urban NGP to more cities in the future. 

Apart from the introduction of the new high-speed NGP and ongoing improvements to the urban NGP, the XNGP system brings various enhancements to the overall intelligent driving experience, ensuring safer and smoother journeys in everyday driving and parking scenarios.

In terms of traffic efficiency, the update introduces the target speed offset function. When navigation speed limits are updated, the system automatically adjusts the offset to the target cruising speed, offering a more experienced driving style. Additionally, by utilizing road safety cameras and navigation speed limit information, the system optimizes speed limit and speeding strategies.

Moreover, this update further optimizes voice prompt frequency and improves steering wheel disengagement alerts based on road conditions, providing a comfortable and non-intrusive intelligent travel experience while ensuring safety.

To meet user demands, the OTA update also enhances multiple aspects, including the intelligent cockpit, voice commands, and IoT integration, to deliver a more seamless and intuitive interaction between humans and vehicles.

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