XPeng launches urban NGP ADAS function in Beijing

Release Date : 2023-07-05
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    On June 15, Chinese new energy vehicle startup XPeng, officially launched its high-level intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), urban NGP function, in the city of Beijing. 

his marks the industry's first availability of such advanced ADAS features within the urban area, primarily targeting Beijing's ring roads and major expressways.

The urban NGP function is now accessible to public beta testers and will soon be rolled out to the XPeng G9 and P7i Max edition users with the upcoming Xmart OS 4.3.0 update. Additionally, after upgrading to Xmart OS 3.5.0, urban NGP will also be applicable to the XPeng P5 model in the designated Beijing area.

Last September, XPeng initiated the urban NGP intelligent navigation ADAS pilot in Guangzhou. Subsequently, in late March of this year, XPeng's XNGP system, with its first-phase capabilities, was made available to the XPeng G9 and P7i Max users in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, which are all cities covered by HD maps. Simultaneously, the urban NGP feature was introduced to XPeng P5 models in Shanghai.

Furthermore, as part of XPeng's roadmap, the second phase of XNGP capabilities is planned to be rolled out in the second half of this year. This expansion will enable left and right turns, lane changes, and other functions in most cities across China, further bridging the user experience gap in non-mapped areas towards urban NGP. By 2024, XPeng expects XNGP to reach its complete form, offering a seamless and uninterrupted assisted driving experience from parking spot to parking spot.

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