XPeng reveals ‘X9’ as name of first MPV

Release Date : 2023-07-11
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Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) startup XPeng has named its first MPV model “X9”, He Xiaopeng, chairman of XPeng, revealed last week via his personal Twitter-like Sina Weibo account.

"In addition to the G6, we have been developing an all-new MPV, the X9, which we will use to tap into the 'youthful' MPV market," said He Xiaopeng.

As for more details about the new car, no further information has been disclosed.


As early as December of last year, a blogger exposed a video of the XPeng X9 being tested on the road.

From the video screenshots, the new vehicle's exterior design basically continues XPeng’s family design language. The front end features a closed-off grille with split headlamps on both sides. The upper part integrates the through-type daytime running lights, visually widening the front face. The lower part adopts an inverted trapezoidal grille design, with the LiDAR positioned below the headlights. Additionally, the model may feature “hidden” door handles.

Earlier, in April of this year, XPeng unveiled the SEPA (Smart Electric Platform Architecture) 2.0, which is an all-domain intelligent evolution architecture in-house developed by XPeng, with over 10 billion yuan worth of R&D investment involved over 5 years.

According to XPeng, the SEPA is compatible with multiple R&D platforms and can be extended to fit various vehicle categories such as sedans, hatchbacks, sports coupes, crossovers, SUVs, MPVs, and pickups. Furthermore, the XPeng G6, which made its debut at the Auto Shanghai 2023, is built on this architecture. It is possible that the X9 MPV will also ride on the SEPA.


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