XPeng joins hands with Freesbe for global expansion to Israeli market

Release Date : 2023-07-13
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XPeng, a prominent smart electric vehicle (EV) company, announced earlier this week its strategic partnership with Freesbe for the Israeli market. Freesbe will play a crucial role in developing XPeng's sales and service network throughout Israel.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for XPeng's international expansion, marking its first foray into overseas markets outside of Europe.

Eric Xu, VP of International Markets at XPeng, stated, "We have seen the huge potential of Israel EV market and would like to bring local customers a new level of sophistication with our leading technologies and premium EV products. We believe in Freesbe sharing the same vision and ambition putting customers at the heart and collaborate comprehensively."


As one of the largest car dealer groups in Israel, Freesbe is a listed company representing well-known brands such as Nissan, Infiniti, Renault, and DACIA. Its leasing division, lease4u, is one of the country's largest leasing companies.

Leveraging Freesbe's established network and impressive track record of customer satisfaction, XPeng will be able to rapidly expand its presence in the local EV market, said the Chinese EV maker.

Through this partnership, Freesbe will capitalize on the progressive EV transition in the Israeli market, while customers will enjoy a more intuitive and enjoyable EV experience. They will also gain access to Freesbe's well-established distribution network, benefiting from efficient service, high-quality standards, and the convenience of both offline and remote diagnosis as well as OTA updates.

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