Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
Beijing EU7
No matter which way you look at it, it's so young and energetic, especially the bladed wheels are really edgy and look quite quality,There is no problem with the power of the car. When you press the accelerator, the car immediately moves forward. This response can be very positive. Overtaking must be easy, which is great.
Battery capacity
Electro motor
Pure electric 218 hp
Max. power
Max. speed
Power Type
Drive mode
Product Description
System Parameters
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Product Description
The electronic gears on the EU7 are nice and big. The gear changes are comfortable and calm, much better than the rotary torque I used to drive. The handling is also very good, that is the steering force is particularly stable. Even when going faster, I felt the car was particularly solid and really nice and safe to drive.I drove the EU 700km with 14 EVs. It feels lower than many of my friends' EVs around me. Also, the range of this car is almost empty. Now it can run 430 kilometres. In winter, around 410km is not a problem. It can really be driven for a long time. That's the real endurance. So that you don't have to worry about power when driving in the city.
System Parameters
Model Beijing EU7
Official guide price 24271
Level medium-sized car
Energy type all-electric
Production date 2021.12
Electro motor Pure electric 218 hp
CLTC battery range(km) 475
Max. power (kw) 160(218Ps)
Max. torque(N·m) 300
Transmission Single Speed Transmission for Electric Vehicles
Length (mm) x Width (mm) x Height (mm) 4815x1835x1528
Body structure 4-door, 5-seat trim
Max. speed (km/h) 155
Wheelbase (mm) 2801
curb weight (kg) 1725
Battery type Ternary lithium battery
Battery capacity (kWh) 60.7
charging method Fast charging 0.5 hours Slow charging 10 hours
Drive mode front drive
Suspension system (front/rear) MacPherson independent suspension
Multi-link independent suspension
Tire size 225/45 R18
225/45 R18
Park radar empress
Cruise system -
Assisted driving level -
Automatic parking -
Sunroof Openable panoramic sunroof
Steering wheel function Multi-function control
Inductive rear tailgate -
Front seat function Forward and backward movement Backrest angle height adjustment
Second row seat function -
Head Up Display (HUD) -
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