XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
XPeng P5
It accelerates very quickly and the instant explosiveness of the EV is really amazing. Whether you start driving from a stop or when accelerating, you can feel this performance.
Max. power (kw)
Max. torque(N·m)
Body structure
4-door 5-seat
L(mm) x W(mm) x H(mm)
CLTC battery range(km)
Battery capacity (kWh)
Product description
Parameter details
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Product description
The suspension of Xiaopeng P5 is very well tuned, and the bumps and vibrations on the road can hardly be felt during the driving process, which is very smooth and comfortable. Then the steering response of Xiaopeng P5 is also very sensitive, you can accurately control the steering of the vehicle. At the same time, its handling is also very good, the steering wheel feel moderate, not too light and not too heavy, very easy to get started. In addition, the braking system of the Xiaopeng P5 is also very good. EVs generate a certain amount of kinetic energy during driving, and there will be some instability when braking sharply, but the braking performance of Xiaopeng P5 is very stable, and it can brake the vehicle quickly and smoothly, which is quite good.
Parameter details
英文参数 XPeng P5
Official guide price 174900CNY
Level Compact car 
Energy type Electric
Production date 2022
Electro motor Pure electric 211 hp
CLTC battery range(km) 450
Max. power (kw) 155
Max. torque(N·m) 310
Transmission Electric Vehicle Single Speed Transmission
Length (mm) x Width (mm) x Height (mm) 4808*1840*1520
Body structure 4-door 5-seat
Max. speed (km/h) 170
Wheelbase (mm) 2768
curb weight (kg) 1735
Battery type lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity (kWh) 55.48
charging method Fast charging 0.5 hours Slow charging 9 hours
Drive mode FWD
Suspension system (front/rear) MacPherson independent suspension
Longitudinal arm torsion beam non-independent suspension
Tire size 215/50 R18
Park radar Front and Rear
Hill Assist (HAC) Standard
cruise control cruise control
Adaptive Cruise Control
Full-speed adaptive cruise control
Brake Energy Recovery System Standard
Sunroof type Non-opening panoramic sunroof
Steering wheel function Multi-function control
Inductive rear tailgate None
Front seat function Heater
Rear air vents Standard 
In-vehicle Intelligent Chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155
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