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On the outside, the car's overall exterior design is atmospheric, with a slight concave underneath, paired with large air intakes. The front face adopts semi-closed styling, and the lower part is decorated with black veneer, showing a good sense of sportiness. The lights on both sides have a sense of design, the headlights support height adjustment, and the headlights have a sense of sharpness, with a "boomerang" style.
Battery capacity
Electro motor
Pure electric 136 hp
Max. power
Max. speed
Power Type
Drive mode
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Product description
System configuration
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Product description
Interior, the interior dashboard above the use of soft materials wrapped in detail with brushed trim, piano paint trim and silver trim as an embellishment, the texture is good. The three-spoke flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel is set with touch-control buttons on both sides, and the disc body is moderately thick and thin, with a fuller grip. With 10.25-inch LCD instrumentation and 14.6-inch floating centre control screen, the sense of technology is good. In addition, the new car's front air vents adopt a linear design, and also follows the knob-type gearshift mechanism.
System configuration
Official guide price 23059
Level compact SUV
Energy type all-electric
Production date 2023.03
Electro motor Pure electric 136 hp
CLTC battery range(km) 480
Max. power (kw) 100(136Ps)
Max. torque(N·m) 225
Transmission Single Speed Transmission for Electric Vehicles
Length (mm) x Width (mm) x Height (mm) 4768x1880x1545
Body structure 4-door, 5-seat trim
Max. speed (km/h) 130
Wheelbase (mm) 2750
curb weight (kg) 1630
Battery type lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity (kWh) 55.2
charging method Fast charging 0.78 hours Slow charging 10 hours
Fast charging interface
Drive mode front drive
Suspension system (front/rear) MacPherson independent suspension
Longitudinal arm torsion beam non-independent suspension
Tire size 215/55 R17
215/55 R17
Park radar After
Cruise system cruise control
Assisted driving level -
Automatic parking -
Sunroof Openable panoramic sunroof
Steering wheel function Multi-function control
Inductive rear tailgate -
Front seat function -
Second row seat function -
Head Up Display (HUD) -
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