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Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Touareg PHEV
Externally, the new Volkswagen Touareg has a more aggressive and edgy front style, with a larger grille area, blackened horizontal spokes in the internal centre grille and a more family style with a running LED daytime running light strip. The headlamp cluster has also been updated compared to the current model with the inclusion of IQ.Light HD matrix headlamps, which consist of 19,200 miniature LED light sources inside with interactive lighting functions. The front surround has a more rigid shape with air deflector slots on both sides and the air intake area underneath has been extensively blacked out to lower the visual centre of gravity of the front end and make it more dynamic.
Battery capacity
Electro motor
2.0T 252hp L4
Max. power
Max. speed
Power Type
Plug-in hybrids
Drive mode
Product description
System configuration
Detail pictures
Product description
The sides of the car have not changed much compared to the current model, with the same solid and full curved body with an undulating waistline, but the mirrors, luggage rack and window trims have all been blacked out. The biggest change at the rear is also in the shape of the taillights, which have been changed to a through-lighting style, with the light cavity combined with an illuminated logo at the rear, echoing the design of the front. The rear surround is still mainly horizontal, but the diffuser underneath has a more aggressive shape and echoes the front air intake area. The flat-shaped exhaust tailpipe has a bilateral two-exit layout.
System configuration
Model Touareg PHEV
Official guide price 101470
Level Mid-size SUV
Energy type Plug-in hybrids
Production date 2022.01
Electro motor 2.0T 252hp L4
CLTC battery range(km) 58
Max. power (kw) 270
Max. torque(N·m) 700
Transmission 8-speed manual
Length (mm) x Width (mm) x Height (mm) 4878x1984x1711
Body structure 5-door, 5-seater SUV
Max. speed (km/h) 225
Wheelbase (mm) 2894
curb weight (kg) 2362
Battery type Ternary lithium batteries
Battery capacity (kWh) 18
charging method Fast charging 2.5 hours Slow charging 10.8 hours
Drive mode Front mounted 4WD
Suspension system (front/rear) Multi-link independent suspension
Multi-link independent suspension
Tire size 255/55 R19
255/55 R19
Park radar Front and After
Cruise system Fixed speed cruise control
Adaptive cruise control
Full-speed adaptive cruise
Assisted driving level L2 level
Automatic parking Standard
Sunroof Openable panoramic sunroof
Steering wheel function Multi-functional controls
Inductive rear tailgate Standard
Front seat function Heating
Memory (main driver)
Second row seat function -
Head Up Display (HUD) Standard
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