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Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Volkswagen id.6x
Nowadays, under the wave of new energy vehicles, more and more consumers are willing to choose pure electric vehicles, because as a daily driver, pure electric vehicles have lower travel costs, and are highly intelligent, with excellent in-car interconnection systems and assisted driving functions that can bring enough convenience to daily driving. As one of the joint venture brands, VW's ID.6 X has a good performance in the market, with its stylish and sporty appearance, mainstream power level and excellent pure electric range being loved by many consumers.
Battery capacity
Electro motor
Pure electric 180 hp
Max. power
Max. speed
Power Type
Drive mode
Product description
System configuration
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Product description
Before analysing the late adopter, a brief overview of the macro information of the ID.6 X is in order. The exterior adopts the family-style design language, the visual effect of the front is stylish and dynamic, the two sides of the matrix headlamps are stylish and sharp, both high and low light use LED light source, the function is very complete, the lighting effect is more outstanding. The body dimensions are: 4876x1848x1680mm, wheelbase is 2965mm, overall weight is 2280kg, the class is medium to large SUV, body structure is 5 doors and 7 seats SUV. power part is equipped with rear single motor power, motor total power 150kW (204Ps), motor total torque 310N-m, matching electric car single speed gearbox, using rear-mounted rear-wheel drive, with a top speed of 160km/h.
System configuration
Model Volkswagen id.6x
Official guide price 25.9888
Level Mid-size SUV
Energy type All-electric
Production date 2022.11
Electro motor Pure electric 180 hp
CLTC battery range(km) 460
Max. power (kw) 132(180Ps)
Max. torque(N·m) 310
Transmission Single-speed gearboxes for electric vehicles
Length (mm) x Width (mm) x Height (mm) 4876x1848x1680
Body structure 5-door, 7-seater SUV
Max. speed (km/h) 160
Wheelbase (mm) 2965
curb weight (kg) 2150
Battery type Permanent magnet/synchronou
Battery capacity (kWh) 63.2
charging method Fast charging 0.67 hours Slow charging 9.5 hours
Fast charging port
Drive mode Rear-mounted rear drive
Suspension system (front/rear) MacPherson independent suspension
Multi-link independent suspension
Tire size 235/55 R19
255/50 R19
Park radar Front and After
Cruise system Fixed speed cruise control
Adaptive cruise control
Full-speed adaptive cruise
Assisted driving level L2 level
Automatic parking -
Sunroof -
Steering wheel function Multi-functional controls
Inductive rear tailgate Optional
Front seat function -
Second row seat function -
Head Up Display (HUD) -
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