Crown ESTATE will be officially released at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Release Date : 2023-11-08
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Recently, we learned from foreign media that Crown ESTATE will officially make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. As a new member of the Crown family, the car is positioned as a medium to large SUV. It is expected that the power system will also provide 2.5L+ motors and 2.4T+ motors. hybrid combination.
Combined with the official images of the previous concept car, the appearance of the new car will adopt Toyota's new family-style design style. The special-shaped headlights on the front face are very recognizable. In addition, the grille also adopts a hollow and carved design idea, breaking the new energy vehicle style. In addition, the new car also uses a two-color body and large-size wheel styles. The rear of the car is equipped with a roof spoiler and a through-type taillight set. The rear surround has a double-layer and two-color design, which further adds to the vehicle's sense of layering and heaviness.
In terms of power, it is expected that the new car will still provide a hybrid system composed of a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine + electric motor and a hybrid system composed of a 2.4T turbocharged engine + electric motor. Among them, the 2.4T hybrid system has a comprehensive power of 255kW and a peak torque of 551 N·m. The car accelerates from 0-100km/h in 5.8 seconds. The new car will also be equipped with E-Four Advanced electronic four-wheel drive and will also provide an AVS adaptive variable suspension system.
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