It has a battery life of 300+, supports fast charging, and is super cute. This car is perfect for transportation!

Release Date : 2023-11-07
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Now in the mini car market, pure electric models have occupied an absolute dominant position, and many families are willing to buy a mini electric car as their second car. It has the advantages of low cost of use and cute appearance. However, many families are willing to buy a mini electric car as their second car. The short range of micro electric vehicles and the lack of fast charging ports prevent families with inconvenient charging conditions from considering them. The new model launched by Changan Lumin solves these two key problems.
Hongguang MINI EV has always been the sales champion among micro electric vehicles, but its sales performance after 2023 is far less strong than before. One of the important reasons for this is that other brands have made efforts in this market and provided a lot of It is a very cost-effective model, among which Changan Lumin is one of them. It has now firmly occupied the second place in the sales of micro electric vehicles.
On October 18, the Changan Lumin 301km Miqin model was launched, priced at 61,900 yuan. Compared with the previous Mitian model with the same range of 301km, the price of the Miqin model was reduced by 8,000 yuan, and fast charging was also added. Function, remote start function, more suitable for those friends who do not have charging conditions at home but want to buy a mini electric vehicle for transportation.
The appearance of Changan Lumin is quite exquisite. The front of the car adopts a relatively simple design. The sleepy-looking headlights are the most eye-catching part of the front design, making the whole car look more naive and cute. It also reveals a hint of playfulness, not to mention young ladies, boys will also be attracted by such a design.
Changan Lumin uses rounded lines, and the temperament of the whole vehicle is very consistent with the feeling created by the front of the car. They are all in this naive and cute state. The design of hidden door handles makes the entire exterior design smoother. The shape of Changan Lumin's rims also adds color, further creating this cuteness, and can also reduce some wind resistance and increase some cruising range.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Changan Lumin are 3270/1700/1545mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 1980mm. It adopts a three-door, four-seater layout. According to surveys, such a mini car has a crew size of ≤2 people nearly 90% of the time. , but having space for people in the back row also allows car owners to be more calm when encountering people in daily life.
The rear design of Changan Lumin also has this simple design. Echoing the headlights are the taillights. People have to sigh again. The design of this light group is really cute. The overall shape of Changan Lumin is very coordinated. It has an aspect ratio of 0.91, which is outstanding among mini cars. It also has a lower center of gravity and a more stable body.
The interior design of Changan Lumin is also very simple. After all, it is difficult to create a sense of hierarchy in a small space. However, the current interior design feels just right, without the feeling of being too hard at all, and the color scheme is also very lively. , but also has a full sense of roundness, which complements the exterior design.
Changan Lumin is equipped with a 10.25-inch central control screen. The UI design is simple and beautiful. It supports Bluetooth, mobile phone interconnection and other functions. It also has a voice recognition control system, and also supports the Internet of Vehicles function. It can be said that although the sparrow is small, it has all the commonly used functions. Equipped. The Miqin model is also equipped with a remote air conditioning function, further increasing the convenience of using the car.
Changan Lumin Miqin model has two optional packages. The first one is the Zhiqu Interaction optional package, priced at 4,000 yuan, which includes Easy-Entry passenger seat courtesy, welcome running lights, senseless entry, one-button start, LED daytime running lights, electric hidden door handles, electric adjustment of exterior mirrors, etc. This optional package contains some commonly used configurations in daily life. If the back seat is often occupied by people, the Easy-Entry function is very practical and can be manually used quickly. Folding seats make it easier for rear row members to get in and out of the car; touchless entry and one-button start are functions that are used every day; LED daytime running lights can also better improve the safety of the vehicle.
The second option package is the Xinxiangsi Orange option package, which costs 2,000 yuan and includes the Xinxiangsi Orange cockpit, front center armrest, electronic handbrake, and rear disc brake. It can be optional if necessary. 

In terms of power, Changan Lumin adopts a front-mounted single motor power layout. The maximum power of the motor is 35kW. The official 0-50km/h acceleration time is 6.2 seconds, and the top speed is 101km/h. The Changan Lumin Miqin battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery with a power of 28.08kWh and a CLTC cruising range of 301km. It supports fast charging function. It takes 35 minutes to charge from 30% to 80% at room temperature. It also has a scheduled charging function.

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