Oil prices may drop sharply on December 19, BYD Song L will be sold starting at 189,800

Release Date : 2023-12-18
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BYD's new medium-sized SUV - Song L is officially launched, priced from 189,800 to 249,800 yuan, with a total of 5 configurations. The car is built on e-platform 3.0 and is equipped with CTB battery-body integration technology, intelligent electric four-wheel drive, DiPilot intelligent driving assistance, Yunnan C system, etc. Its pure electric range under CLTC operating conditions is 550km, 602km, and 662km. The overall shape of Song L is exquisite and sporty, and the interior is high-end, equipped with wrap-around ambient light strips and frameless doors. The new car is also equipped with the DiLink intelligent network connection system, which is based on the Snapdragon processor and, in conjunction with Qualcomm, has deeply customized a vehicle cockpit platform that supports 5G.
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