Fun in the snow at Topev! Leaders with all the staff to play snowball Pile of snowmen to help team cohesion

Release Date : 2023-12-15
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On this cold winter day, Topev's leaders and employees showed a unique group building activities - they were together in the snowy weather into the snowball fight, snowman building joyful battle.
This morning, the president of Topev, Mr Chen Zhang, personally led all the staff out of the warm office and stepped onto the white snow. The whole company seemed to be transformed into a large snowy paradise, with laughter drifting in the air.

Mr Zhang said that the purpose of this activity in the snow is to enhance team cohesion and bring employees closer to each other, as well as to release the pressure of work, so that everyone can work better in a relaxed atmosphere.
The moment the snowball fight started, everyone turned into a child-like mischievous, picked up snowballs and started a fierce and joyful snowball fight. Leaders and employees chased and dodged each other, and the laughter echoed throughout the company area.

Afterwards, everyone worked together to pile up a lovely snowman. Various creative snowman images appeared in all corners of the company park, and each snowman carried the unique wishes and creativity of the staff.
After the activity, Mr Zhang said that it was not only a simple entertainment activity, but also a useful attempt to promote the company's cultural construction. He encouraged the staff to work as united and creative as today and contribute more to the development of the company.

This snowy fun activity of Topev undoubtedly brought a breath of fresh air to the company, and also made the staff unite more closely together after their busy work. This unique snow activity became an unforgettable collective memory in the company's history.
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